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While the easiest way to dress up a wall is to hang a few pictures, hanging pictures isn’t always a simple task. Between the leveling and all the holes you may need to drill, you sort of just hope for the best. Ugh, and forget about moving them around once they’re up. The solution? Create a faux picture rail about 15 inches from the ceiling to hang and rearrange art in seconds.

What you need: Picture hooksD-ring hangers, a roll of thin wire and a strip of molding that fits the length of the wall in question (take measurements before heading to your local hardware store).

What you do: Determine how high (or low) you want your molding to sit. (About 15 inches from the ceiling is a pretty good place to start.) Then nail or glue it in place. (If you plan to hang heavy frames, use nails and make sure you nail into the wall studs.) Next, clip the hooks directly onto the molding. Then attach the D-ring hangers to the backs of your frames.

OK, now here’s the fun part: Thread the wire through the hangers and adjust the lengths depending on where you want each frame to sit on your wall. Now you can arrange (and rearrange) to your heart’s content without ever having to drill a hole again.

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