The 67 Best Subscription Boxes to Gift Up Until The Last Minute

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Although sometimes a bit of a splurge, subscription boxes can be quite the little life-savers. You can discover a wide world of fresh fragrance, new styles curated by your personal shopper and smooth international coffee—all without so much as even remembering to go on an online or IRL search. (Oh, and you can combat food waste while automatically shopping seasonally, too.)

And while we totally recommend treating yourself to a few, subscription services also make excellent last-minute holiday gifts for those friends and relatives that are usually so hard to shop for (looking at you, Dad). Plus, sending a subscription box is easy to do from home, but feels more personal than putting a gift card or check in the mail. With monthly deliveries fit for everyone on your list—like your BFF who loves wine to your aunt who picked up painting or your sister who is skincare-obsessed—choosing a specific themed subscription box shows you put thought into the present even if it wasn't hand-selected from a store shelf. And even better? Most of these brands offer gift certificates that arrive in your recipient's email so there's no need to worry about shipping delays.

But since you can’t possibly sort through them all, we've rounded up the absolute best subscription boxes in the clothing, beauty, food, home, wellness, kids and pets categories to help you make the best choice. You're welcome.

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Stich Fix

1. Stitch Fix

Cost: $20 styling fee that goes toward the cost of the items you purchase. If you buy everything in your box, you receive a 25 percent discount.

What you get: Five items

Why we love it: This one’s for the person who’s tired of scrolling through pages and pages of online stores looking for the perfect items (so... everyone). Stitch Fix acts as an on-demand personal shopper, selecting a mix of clothing and accessories based on an 80-plus question style quiz you take at sign up. The thorough survey helps your stylist nail your taste, price point for different items and notes if you need anything specific, ensuring you’ll love at least one item in your box. The best part though? The size-specific subscriptions they offer. Options include women’s petite, plus and maternity, and men’s big, short and tall, as well as a kid’s subscription for sizes 2T to 14. A membership isn’t required, so you can sign up on a monthly, seasonally or as-needed basis.

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Gwynnie Bee

2. Gwynnie Bee

Cost: $49 - $199 a month, based on the number of items you choose to receive

What you get: One to 10 items at a time, based on your plan

Why we love it: Made for sizes 10 to 32, this plus-size subscription box offers a large variety of styles from smart workwear to casual weekend attire that you can borrow or buy. All plans come with unlimited exchanges and, with more than 150 brands to choose from, it makes keeping your wardrobe up-to-date an easy feat. New customers can sign up with a free 30-day trial.

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Bespoke Post

3. Bespoke Post

Cost: $45/month

What you get: 4-5 items worth $75+

Why we love it: Skip gifting dad another box of golf balls. With Bespoke Post’s subscription service he’ll receive a “monthly box of awesome” full of high-quality clothes, home goods and other interesting finds from under-the-radar brands. Each month, he can choose from a variety of different themed boxes, like mixology or gardening, to receive. Or, he can leave it up to auto-select and be surprised with what arrives at his doorstep. Plus, if dad needs a break (or doesn’t see a theme he’s interested in), he can pause at any time and pick back up when he’s ready.

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4. Nuuly

Cost: $88/month

What you get: Six items

Why we love it: Anthropologie, Free People and Urban Outfitters are some of our favorite places to shop, but they can get pricey. That’s where Nuuly comes in. The subscription service allows you to rent six styles from the stores’ many brands every month. Oh, and there’s free shipping and free returns, so there are no hidden fees.

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5. Rachel

Cost: $28 every one, two or three months

What you Get: Two pairs of tights

Why We Love It: This adorable new subscription service sends beautiful patterned tights—with styles ranging from classic houndstooth to fashion-forward back-seam hearts—that will add some oomph to your fall/winter wardrobe. Made in Italy and designed in Montreal, the tights are recommended by a stylist based on your profile, but ultimately you get to choose which ones end up in your order. Consider your cold weather essentials upgraded.

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6. Claire’s Cdrop

Cost: $30/quarterly

What you get: Five to 12 products

Why we love it: Remember when the highlight of your weekend was a trip to the mall to roam Claire’s for the perfect butterfly clips? Well, now you can send the same joy of discovering bits and baubles to the kid, tween or teen on your list with the ease of it arriving right at their door. The accessories store’s first ever subscription box lets them choose from three different themed “drops,” or as non-Gen-Zers call them, “boxes.” There’s the GitzyDrop (jewelry for ages 12+), the VibeyDrop (accessories for ages 9+) or the BitsyDrop (playful items like scrunchies and fidget toys for ages 3 to 8).

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7. Stance

Cost: $19/month

What you get: Two to four pairs of socks, or one to three pairs of underwear, shipped either monthly or quarterly

Why we love it: Choose between subscription boxes for men or women and get some of the comfiest underwear and socks around, not to mention in fun patterns with pop culture references, plus motifs from sports and movies. Just choose underwear or socks, the number the giftee wants to receive (two, three or four pairs) and whether they want them monthly or quarterly. Let the brand pick products based on a brief quiz or your giftee can curate their own box.

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8. Scentbird

Cost: $16/month

What you get: One 30-day supply of a fragrance

Why we love it: Discover your signature scent while avoiding the headache-inducing fragrance section at your nearby department store with Scentbird’s monthly perfume deliveries. The subscription service helps narrows down options from over 450 designers based on a scent quiz at sign up and sends a travel-size sample to test before splurging on a full bottle. Rate each sample afterwards to help better determine your next month’s supply. It’s also an ideal way for fragrance aficionados to switch up their everyday perfume without breaking the bank.

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9. Birchbox

Cost: $15/month

What you get: Four to six sample-size products

Why we love it: One of the original beauty subscription boxes, this sample-packed delivery is for anyone who likes to test-drive products before purchase. Inside their so-cute-you’ll-want-to-save-it box comes a range of luxe makeup, skincare, haircare or fragrance treasures tailored to your interests. If you fall in love with an item, you can purchase the full-size version with an exclusive discount in Birchbox’s online store.

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Allure Beauty Box

10. Allure Beauty Box

Cost: $23/month

What you get: Three or more full-size items

Why we love it: Attention, budget-seeking beauty junkies. Allure’s monthly Beauty Box is here to upgrade your collection (and bathroom shelfie) for less than you spend on a week’s worth of coffee. Try out full-size products from best-selling brands like Wander Beauty, Elemis and Tarte for a fraction of what you’d spend at the store.

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11. BeautyFIX

Cost: $25/month

What you get: Six or more products

Why we love it: This luxe beauty box—brought to you by the trusted clean beauty experts at Dermstore—has your self-care Sunday routine covered. Focusing mainly on skincare, each one is fully stocked with full-size or deluxe travel-size items from a variety of cult classic and emerging brands valued at over $100. As if we needed more reason to love it, BeautyFix often sends new products before they’re available to the public. Cue your beauty-obsessed friends’ jealousy.

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12. GlossyBox

Cost: $21/month

What you get: A selection of five beauty products

Why we love it: With a GlossyBox subscription, you’ll receive in five beauty treats from niche, high-end and emerging brands that your friends will be totally envious of.

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Dollar Shave Club

13. Dollar Shave Company

Cost: $5 starter kit, up to $44 for your second box based on the products you select

What you get: Your first shipment is a Starter Set, which comes with a razor, two blades and travel-size grooming products. From there, you can customize a restock box with full-size items.

Why we love it: If buying razors is always a forgotten task, give your legs a little attention with these personalized shipments. For less money than you’d pay in the store (and way more convenient), Dollar Shave Club offers three razor options: two-blade, four-blade and six-blade and has additional products you can add to your shipment including body wash, shampoo and toothpaste. Plus, you can select what day and how often you want to receive your box.

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14. Ipsy Glam Bag

Cost: From $13/box

What you get: Five full-size products

Why we love it: No measly products here. Subscribe to the Ipsy Glam Bag and you’ll receive five deluxe samples personalized to your beauty preferences. Then, when you really like a formula (which you will), you can shop it directly on Ipsy’s website, making it easy to keep track of all your favorites.

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Carne Collective

15. Carne Collective

Cost: Starting at $100

What you get: A selection of premium Argentine grass-fed beef

Why we love it: If you’ve found yourself making the same old grilled chicken, we’ve got the answer to get you out of a dinner rut. Enter Carne Collective—a monthly delivery box of world renown beef from Argentina. The company sources its meat from Grade-A, hormone-free, grass-fed Angus cows directly from Argentinian ranches, and each box features curated cuts selected by master butchers, like New York Strip, Filet Mignon and a traditional Argentinian Picanha. You can choose from three different sized boxes that range from $155 to $179 with the option to choose the frequency of deliveries. Or you have the option to create a custom box where you can select the cuts and quantity you’d like. Now, go on, your grill is calling.

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Misfits Market

16. Misfits Market

Cost: $22/box

What you get: A mix of twelve different types of fruits and vegetables, 1-2 portions per type

Why we love it: This Philadelphia-based startup is dedicated to rescuing “ugly” yet perfectly delicious produce (that would typically end up in landfills), instead delivering them to be used in all sorts of dishes. You can choose between the Mischief Box, which offers a mix of 12 different types of fruits and veggies, or the Madness Box, which gives you 14, and how frequently you’d like a delivery. Each box contains in-season produce sourced from regional farms and is certified organic and non-GMO. Plus, Misfits Market’s boxes end up costing 25-40 percent less than that amount of produce would at your local grocery store. Goodbye food waste, hello stocked fridge.

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17. Elevate Snack Box

Cost: $32/month

What you get: 12 snacks

Why we love it: Up your snack game with delicious and better-for-you gluten-free and vegan options delivered straight to your kitchen. Packed with chips, nuts, fruit snacks and more from innovative brands you can’t find at the average grocery store, Elevate is for everyone from the busy college student to an office full of employees looking for a 3 p.m. snack.

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Williams Sonoma

18. Williams Sonoma Italian Pantry Subscription

Cost: $60/three months

What you get: three months of full-size, top-quality imported sauces, oils and dry goods

Why we love it: This subscription treats your giftee to a little trip to Italy every month, when they open the package to find balsamic vinegar that's been barrel-aged for 25 years, artisanal campanelle or sausage ragu pasta sauce. With any luck, your foodie recipient will ask you to join them in dining on these treats.

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Blue Apron

19. Blue Apron

Cost: $48/week

What you get: Portioned ingredients to cook two meals for two people per week, plus cooking instructions

Why we love it: Ideal for beginner cooks who want to learn new skills (you've got to check out those handy video demos!). The OG food delivery service has remained best-in-class due to their inventive, seasonal recipes and focus on quality ingredients.

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20. Omsom Asian Meal Starters

Cost: from $11/month

What you get: 3 or more cooking starters

Why we love it: Cycling through those same old recipes week after week can bring you to your “let’s just get takeout!” culinary breaking point. That’s where Omsom comes in. The brand delivers cooking starters that provide shortcuts to making all kinds of Southeast Asian food, like Vietnamese lemongrass barbecue and Filipino sisg (a traditional pork hash), developed in collaboration with New York City chefs. All you have to do is supply the protein. Each kit has a shelf life of 12 months, so if you only have time to whip up your go-to pasta dishes that week, there’s no worry the ingredients will go bad any time soon.

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Home Chef

21. Home Chef

Cost: From $7/serving

What you get: Portioned ingredients for a week’s worth of meals, plus step-by-step recipe instructions

Why we love it: Home Chef lets you choose your meals based on your dietary needs, and how long you want to spend cooking. You can even customize the recipe, swap a protein or double it if you know you’re having guests.

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Purple Carrot

22. Purple Carrot

Cost: From $80/week ($13/serving) for two people, or $88/week ($11/serving) for four people

What you get: A flexible, weekly subscription of vegan meals that come freshly prepared and mostly ready to cook (be prepared to chop up all those veggies)

Why we love it: Unlike other subscription food boxes that have a vegan option, Purple Carrot is exclusively vegan, so delicious veggies are their specialty. Plus, the brand offers breakfast, lunch and snack options in addition to dinner, making it easy to eat plant-based all day long with minimal effort.

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23. Candy Club

Cost: $39/month plus shipping

What you get: Six candies in 6-ounce size jars

Why we love it: Load up on a collection of six different sweet and sour candies that come in a variety of fun shapes and flavors. Great for the kids (or you know, something special just for you).

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24. Hot Sauce of the Month Club

Cost: $16/month

What you get: One bottle

Why we love it: Get the best artisan hot sauce, curated by the experts at Heat Hot Sauce Shop (yes, that’s a real place) and delivered right to your door. Pick from a spice level, Mild, Classic or Extra Hot, and turn up the heat on your next game day spread—now all you have to do is supply the food.

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Try the World

25. Try the World

Cost: $35/quarterly

What you get: Seven to eight international delicacies

Why we love it: If you love traveling to try new, exotic food, this box is for you. Each month you'll receive a package stuffed with snacks and treats native to a specific country, ranging from Korea to Greece.

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Murray's Cheese

26. Murray's Cheesemonger's Picks Cheese of the Month Club

Cost: From $75/month

What you get: Three to four half-pound cuts of cheese

Why we love it: Calling all cheese lovers—we’ve found the subscription box that lets you indulge in quality fromage while you're still stuck indoors. Murray's Cheese of the Month sources the highest quality cheese from producers around the world and delivers it to your door along with a well-thought information card listing serving and wine pairing suggestions. You have the option to order it for three, six or 12 months.

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27. Sakara

Cost: Starting at $30/day or $150/week for a recurring subscription

What you get: Plant-based, gluten-free and organic, fully prepared meals delivered to your door for all three daily meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) or any combination of the three

Why we love it: Sakara takes the guesswork out of eating plant-based, gluten-free and organic with expert, ready-made meals delivered on a weekly basis. Unlike other subscription services, you have the option to include three pre-prepared meals per day, so you don't have to spend valuable time cooking (aside from heating up a dish or two). Plus, the PureWow reviewer gave the Sakara 30-Day Diet Reset high marks.

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28. Haus Aperitifs

Cost: $63/month

What you get: Two bottles and access to exclusive new flavors

Why we love it: Happy hour just got a whole lot better thanks to Haus’ line of all-natural apertifis. These hand-crafted spirits from Sonoma, California come in a variety of unique flavors like Ginger Yuzu and Bitter Clove, and are lower in alcohol content than spirits like vodka and whiskey. (That means they’re mild enough to keep sipping all evening long!) Plus, thanks to their all-natural ingredients, these drinks contain a fraction of the sugar compared to big-brand aperitifs. We’ll raise a glass to that!

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The Sip

29. The Sip

Cost: $55

What you get: Bi-monthly box of curated sparkling wines for $125

Why we love it: Sparkling rosé in the summer, celebratory bubbly pale wine at holiday time and more are on offer from this subscription that specializes in tiny bubbles. Each box has two or three mini-bottles from around the world, along with tasting cards that break down each bottle's flavor profile in non-jargony English. Plus, members get a $75 credit toward full-size bottles.

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Three Twelve Photography

30. Raising The Bar

Cost: From $51/box

What you get: 4-8 products

Why we love it: Included in each monthly delivery is all the tools and ingredients you'll need to make a signature (and seasonal!) zero-proof cocktail, such as non-alcoholic spirits, garnishes, bar tools and a recipe card. Each box makes at least four servings of the drink, plus tools that will help build your at-home bar cart.

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Bright Cellars

31. Bright Cellars

Cost: $80/month

What you get: Four bottles of wine

Why we love it: Skip the awkward dance around the wine store where you don’t know what to purchase. Bright Cellars is a monthly wine club that’ll match you with vino you’ll love based on a taste palate quiz. Put your skepticism aside—this company was created by two MIT grads, so their algorithm for matching you with a bottle you’ll love is legit.

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Atlas Coffee Club

32. Atlas Coffee Club

Cost: $20/month

What you get: Two 24-ounce bags of coffee (whole bean or ground) with brewing tips

Why we love it: Even if you head to the grocery store, you won't be able to find the roasts Atlas Coffee Club curates. The monthly subscription service ships gourmet beans from ethically sourced farms in Costa Rica, Kenya, Ethiopia and beyond exclusively to your door. Think of it as a way to travel without leaving the breakfast bar.

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33. Shaker and Spoon Cocktail Club

Cost: $56/month

What you get: Ingredients for 12 cocktails (besides the alcohol)

Why we love it: Save gin and tonics for wedding open bars. With Shaker and Spoon, it’s easier than ever to whip up an inventive drink for date nights at home. Each month, the subscription box will send perfectly portioned ingredients to create three different craft cocktails that center around a single spirit. Although booze isn’t included, you’ll receive homemade syrups, small-batch bitters and garnishes that’ll make you feel like a certified mixologist.

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34. VineBox

Cost: From $45

What you get: Three glasses of wine

Why we love it: If you love wine, but are more of a casual sipper, VineBox sends one-glass samples instead of full bottles, each filled with a different wine. Each shipment comes with educational material that makes it easy to learn about the different varieties and regions, and, if you find something you love, you get credits towards purchasing a full bottle.

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Craft Beer Club

35. Craft Beer Club

Cost: $47/month

What you get: Twelve beers

Why we love it: Impress your friends with bottles and cans from micro breweries around the country. Each box from Craft Beer Club spotlights beer from two breweries located in different regions and comes with four craft beer styles, three beers in each style. Not a bad way to up your standing with the biggest beer aficionados in your life.

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36. Winc Wine Subscription

Cost: From $13/bottle

What you get: A monthly subscription of expert-picked domestic and international bottles

Why we love it: Before you start sipping, Winc will have you fill out a six-question survey that will determine your palate profile. From the results, the experts at Winc recommend four vinos that you’re sure to love. From there, you can make swaps or additions based on the assortment. Plus, new wines are added to the site daily, so you can try something new every month. You can also rate your wines after you try them, to get the most accurate recommendations each month.

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37. FabFitFun

Cost: $50/quarterly

What you get: Eight to 10 full-size items per box

Why we love it: If you love the idea of subscription boxes, but not how specialized they are, FabFitFun’s quarterly box comes with a mix of seasonal products across beauty, health, wellness and fashion. Plus, you’ll get access to exclusive offers from their brand partners and options to add additional items to your box.

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Yoga Club

38. Yoga Club

Cost: $79/month

What you get: A three-piece outfit

Why we love it: If your bestie has been living in the same leggings since March 2020, it’s time to gift her an activewear (ahem, or loungewear) refresh. Enter Yoga Club, a subscription service where handpicked apparel worth more than $200 arrives each month to help motivate you to tackle your next workout...or boozy brunch.

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39. LoveDrop Solo Selfcare Box

Cost: $37

What you get: Every-other-month collection of five or more body-safe sexual wellness products

Why we love it: Let's say your giftee is talking about wanting to spice things up in the bedroom, but doesn't know where to begin. Or they're already plenty spicy, but are interested in expanding their horizons. Or maybe they just had a breakup and you'd like to remind them that sexual wellness doesn't require two humans, especially when technology is involved. Vibrators, stimulators, waterproof gizmos—there's a surprise in every box.

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40. My Comma Essentials Box

Cost: $32/month

What you get: Organic pads and/or tampons, panty liners, hygiene wipes, an organic snack and an organic self-care item

Why we love it: In our opinion, all period care products should come with a snack and self-care item. It just makes sense.

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41. Care/of

Cost: An average box costs $29/month, but price is based on individual items

What you get: 30-day supply

Why we love it: Remembering to take vitamins is so much harder now that mom isn’t around to place them on the kitchen table with breakfast every morning. But Care/of is here to make it a little bit easier. The subscription service recommends personalized blends of vitamins and supplements based on a survey you take about your lifestyle, diet and goals. Then, each month, you'll receive a 30-day supply of your wellness concoction, portioned out into cute daily packs that automatically replenish—no trip to the pharmacy (or mom) needed.

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42. TheraBox

Cost: $33/Month

What you get: A therapeutic activity plus six to eight self-care-related products

Why we love it: This monthly delivery is curated by therapists to promote mindfulness and encourage relaxation. We have a hard time remembering to take time for ourself, so having a reminder and some self-care tools at the end of each month would really help.

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Athena Club

43. Athena Club

Cost: From $8/month

What you get: A customized selection of personal care products

Why we love it: Tired of running to CVS all the time? Athena Club is an easy way to get all of your personal care essentials delivered straight to your door. Sign up to have everything from organic tampons to makeup remover wipes to multivitamins sent to you every month, two months or three months, depending on which plan you select.

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GQ Box

44. GQ Best Stuff Box

Cost: $50

What you get: Quarterly boxes full of accessories and personal care items vetted by GQ magazine editors

Why we love it: A new sweatshirt that's cut just right. A face and beard oil that's soothing. A refreshing, lightly scented candle. These are some of the past little treasures in this box which is sure to delight the fashionable guy who wants to refresh his vibe every season.

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45. Vellabox Candle Subscription

Cost: From $12/month

What you get: One to two high-quality candles in your choice of size

Why we love it: Gifting a regular ole candle can feel a tad impersonal, but give it a subscription box twist and it suddenly feels special and unique. With Vellabox, they’ll receive one or two jar candles from a small-batch artisan, plus an extra small gift from a wellness brand. Plus, all of the candles are naturally crafted from soy, coconut, vegetable wax and essential oils and feature a seasonal scent.

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Escape the Crate

46. Escape the Crate

Cost: $30/every two months

What you get: One to two hour-long game

Why we love it: Love escape rooms? Work with your family and friends to crack codes, solve riddles and discover hidden items—all from the comfort of your home with Escape the Crate.

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47. Bouqs Bouquet Subscription

Cost: $40/month

What you get: 10 to 16 stems

Why we love it: Out of gift ideas for that one person who has everything? With Bouqs, they’ll get fresh-cut flowers delivered directly from sustainable farms to their door on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis. That’s definitely better than giving yet another candle. With the choice of all-roses, classic blooms, seasonal or farmer's market arrangements, you can customize each delivery to your recipient’s taste.

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Breo Box

48. Breo Box

Cost: $159/quarter

What you get: 5-8 products with up to $300 in value

Why we love it: Sure, TikTok is one way to find new, cool products, but if you’re less than ready to scroll through a FYP, let us introduce you to another way to discover innovative brands. Meet Breo Box, a quarterly subscription service that curates a selection of the latest “make my life better” gear that span the tech, fitness and home goods categories. Past boxes have included everything from a Yeti Rambler Mug, to Fujifilm Instax Cameras to TRX home gyms. #impressed

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49. The Crafter’s Box

Cost: $65/month

What you get: All the materials for one craft (except common household items)

Why we love it: For the person who’d rather DIY than shop online, make sure they always have a new project in the queue with a craft subscription box. The Crafter’s Box not only sends all the materials and tools, but members also get access to a digital workshop where they can follow along with top artists. Past projects have included fabric weaving, wood carving and dried wreath-making. As an added bonus, they’ll also be invited to join a private community of makers where they can share their project’s progress, ask crafting questions to experts and join live Q&As with artists. But the best part? You might end up on the receiving end of a homemade treasure.

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50. Introvert's Retreat

Cost: $49/month

What you get: A book, a candle, bath salts, a snack, tea and a body care item

Why we love it: Sampling new books, candles, tea and body care products are some of our favorite things to do—so why not combine them all into one?

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The Balanced Home Box

51. The Balanced Home Box

Cost: $80/quarterly

What you get: 6-8 full-size items with a value up to $350

Why we love it: The Balanced Home Box handpicks seasonal items each month to perfect your space. From cozy throw blankets and candles in the winter to ceramic planters and artisan vessels in the summer, this quarterly decor box will keep your space up-to-date for the season.

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52. Horti

Cost: From $25/month, based on your location

What you get: One plant and one hand-painted pot

Why we love it: Looking to grow your indoor jungle? Enter NYC-based plant shop Horti. Their subscription service ships a hard-to-kill houseplant each month in a hand-painted terracotta pot and saucer (you pick the color) with instructions on how to care for it. Over time, they’ll start sending more exotic plant types to help build up your green thumb.

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Globe In

53. Globe In

Cost: $37/month + shipping

What you get: Three handcrafted products

Why we love it: Treat yourself to beautiful and ethically-made products from artisans and farmers around the world. The assortment of items centers around a seasonal theme and range from woven baskets to Ghanaian hot cocoa. Plus, the first month's shipping is free!

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54. Alltrue Subscription Box

Cost: $55/quarterly

What you get: Six full-sized products

Why we love it: You can feel extra good about gifting this subscription service. Every product featured in an Alltrue box is ethically-made, sustainable and often from a company that supports charitable causes. Items range from home decor, like ceramic candles and jute rugs, to luxury beauty products from brands like Grown Alchemist to accessories like vegan tote bags. Members also have access to shop in their socially conscious marketplace that has everything from toothpaste to handbags at discounts of up to 70 percent off.

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55. My Coffee and Book Club

Cost: $36/month

What you get: 12oz bag of coffee (ground or whole bean) and two hardcover books

Why we love it: High-quality coffee the moment you need it? That should cut your Starbucks habit down significantly. Did we mention each box comes with two new hardcover books in your genre of choice? You can even choose a "surprise me!" box, where My Coffee and Book Club will surprise you with a book of their choice.

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Book of the Month Club

56. Book of the Month Club

Cost: $50 for a three-month subscription

What you get: One newly-released book

Why we love it: Simple and to the point: They curate five buzzy new titles to choose from each month so you’ll never be without new material. Skip a box if you’re behind on your reading list or add additional books if you’re a bonafide bookworm.

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My First Reading Club

57. My First Reading Club

Cost: $20/month

What you get: Three hardcover books, an activity book and a special gift

Why we love it: Calling all bookworms-in-training: This subscription box comes with a selection of books, with reading levels ranging from newborns to pre-teens. Plus, there's also a gift for parents in each box.

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58. Raddish Kids

Cost: $22/month

What you get: Six monthly menu instructions with shopping lists, skills challenges and a kitchen tool

Why we love it: Want to prioritize cooking with your kids and teaching them important culinary skills? Join one of three specialized cooking clubs—the general cooking club, the baking club or the international cuisine club—and you'll be preparing your kids for a healthy life ahead, and a dinner they'll be proud to have made together.

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59. We Craft Box

Cost: $35/month

What you get: Four or more crafts with materials and instructions included

Why we love it: Keep your kids busy while you're trying to catch up with friends over Zoom with the We Craft Box. Designed for ages three to nine, this subscription provides clever projects every month that will keep young ones occupied for at least a few hours. Plus, the easy-to-follow photo instructions take out any guesswork.

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60. Hoppi Box

Cost: $75/quarterly

What you get: Four to five toys

Why we love it: This company delivers an assortment of high-quality toys that support your little one’s development, curiosity and imagination. Each box is tailored to your child’s age and developmental milestones.

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Rockets of Awesome

61. Rockets of Awesome Clothing Subscription

Cost: $20 service fee that gets credited toward the items you purchase

What you get: Five, eight or twelve items

Why we love it: This amazing kids clothing box sends an assortment of styles designed in-house and hand-picked for your child every season—just pick their faves and return the rest for free. Most items range from $16 to $38, and, if you keep everything in the box you can save up to 45 percent off your order. The best part? Rockets of Awesome has an upcycle program, Rockets Reverse, which allow subscribers to send back outgrown kids' clothes for credits to shop their online store.

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62. Kiwi Crate

Cost: $23/month plus free shipping in the US

What you get: Three activities

Why we love it: Catered toward kids in early elementary school, this monthly box aims to turn learning about science and math into a game. Each one features an original hands-on project—like building an arcade game or creating a glowing stuffed animal—vetted by child development experts and tested by kids.

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63. America's Test Kitchen Kids' Young Chefs' Club

Cost: From $20 per month

What you get: Kid-tested and kid-approved recipes plus related activities and projects. (The taco kit, for example, comes with experiments that can be done with an avocado plus an activity sheet for designing your taco truck.)

Why we love it: One of the best ways to get your picky eater more interested in different types of food? Get them involved in the cooking process (and a couple of fun foodie-related games won’t hurt, either).

Recommended age range: Ages 5+

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64. BarkBox

Cost: $35/month plus free shipping in the US

What you get: Two toys, two all-natural bags of treats and a chew toy

Why we love it: Show your pup you love him back with a monthly themed delivery of toys and treats valued at over $40, tailored to his or her size and weight.

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Rescue Box

65. Rescue Box

Cost: $27/month

What you get: A selection of toys, treats and accessories

Why we love it: Treat your cat or dog to monthly goodies with a conscience: proceeds of the box go to supplying food and vaccines to shelter animals.

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66. Ollie

Cost: From $25/week

What you get: A custom meal plan of fresh dog food

Why we love it: We know Spot deserves better than the bland, dry kibble we’ve been feeding her for the past few years. Ollie uses your dog’s weight, age, breed, activity level and allergies to create a custom meal plan of fresh dog food that’s delivered to your home every week. Plus, right now you can receive 50 percent off your first box.

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67. Goodboy

Cost: From $35/box

What you get: Choose from five premium dog supplements (calming, complete care, hip and joint, bladder and kidney or probiotic) or bundle a few to save extra

Why we love it: We take supplements, so why shouldn?t our furballs? Goodboy features easy, chewable supplements for everything from anxiety to joint care to overall health. Boxes can be delivered every two, four or six weeks, depending on how many supplements your dog needs per day. Don?t want a subscription? You can order Goodboy à la carte, before committing to a recurring delivery schedule.

12 Best Coffee Subscription Boxes and Delivery Services

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