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There are very few things in life we love more than retail therapy, but sometimes, the occasional “treat yo’self” moment doesn’t always work out the way you planned. Here, four shopping splurges you’ll always be glad you shelled out money for…and four to avoid. 

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You’ll Never Regret Investing in a Simple Leather Handbag

Whether it’s a cute saddlebag or a full-on tote, you can rest assured: It will last for years and years.


But You’ll Probably Regret That Super-Trendy Romper

That, whoops, you wore only once because, dammit, it’s just too hard to pee.    


You’ll Never Regret Splurging on a Dyson Vacuum

We promise--the cordless V8 Absolute will change your life.

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Buy You’ll Probably Regret That Roomba

Even though it promises to pick up every spec of dust, the number of times you’ve had to re-direct its path is a bit too much.


You’ll Never Regret Shelling Out Big Money on a Chef’s Knife

Hello, the Miyabi Birchwood Chef’s Knife will make cutting through steak feel like you’re slicing through butter. Yes, really.


But You’ll Probably Regret That Electric Pasta Maker

Think about it: When you’re craving pasta, do you want to spend hours making it from scratch…or crack open the $2 boxed kind? Boxed kind, every time. 

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You’ll Never Regret Splurging on an iPhone With Extra Storage

So many photos. So many gigabytes of space.


But You’ll Probably Regret That Fancy Schmancy Smartwatch

You wore it every day until the battery died and you forgot to recharge it. Now it’s just sitting on your nightstand.

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