11 Best of the Month Clubs to Make Your Life So Much Easier

You’re a busy woman with a million and one things on your plate, which more often than not means that your own personal needs fall by the wayside. Enter these genius of-the-month clubs that will make your life easier, more stylish and definitely tastier.

The 50 Best Subscription Boxes

Counter Culture Coffee

Drinks: Counter Culture Coffee

Coffee lovers know that know that a day can quickly take a turn for the worse when the caffeine runs out. Ensure your kitchen is always stocked with a delicious cup of joe with this monthly service that delivers fresh beans to your door.

Counter Coffee Culture (starting at $19 per month)

Book of the Month

Books: Book Of The Month Club

Every month, a team of seasoned editors hand-picks five books (narrowed down from hundreds of new releases) and then sends you one that you’ll love (and sometimes a small gift tucked inside, too).

Book of the Month Club (starting from $15 per month)

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The Bouqs

Home: The Bouqs

A bouquet of fresh blooms is the quickest way to brighten up a living space. And with this clever subscription box, you can have beautiful florals delivered to your home every week, month or season. Specializing in farm-to-table cut flowers, it also lets you customize a subscription for specific dates throughout the year, like birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. 

The Bouqs (starting from $40 per month)

Sock Club  

Fashion: Sock Club

Come on, you’re too old to keep wearing socks with holes in them. Dress like the stylish (but comfortable) grown-up you are with a fresh pair of eco-friendly cotton socks each month. (This one makes a great gift for the men in your life, too.)

Sock Club (starting from $11 per month)


Kids: Bitsbox

If getting your kids to put down their devices feels like a constant battle, this monthly subscription box that teaches them how to code and create an app might be just the thing. Designed for 6- to 12-year-olds, each box comes with a mix of fun coding projects, ranging from simple to more advanced.

Bitsbox (starting from $20 per month)


Drinks: Saloonbox

Take your cocktail game up a notch with this mixology set that features two exciting new recipes each month and everything you’ll need to make ’em. No more running to the store for missing items or buying full bottles of strange liquor that sit in your cabinet for years. Cheers.  

Saloonbox (starting from $34 per month)

Bacon Freak

Food: Bacon Freak

From tacos to onions rings, there are few dishes that can’t be improved by adding bacon. And now you can get a packages of hand-rubbed, gourmet slices delivered straight to your door. Like your bacon Hickory smoked or sans nitrates? No problem, you can customize your bacon delivery just the way you like it.

Bacon Freak (starting from $40 per month)

Try the World

Food: Try The World

Everyone knows that the best part of travel is all the delicious food, and with this clever monthly club you can eat your way across the globe, without ever leaving your house. Each month, dive into a curated selection of gourmet products from a new country. Belgian chocolates, anyone?

Try the World (starting from $19 per month)


Home: Vellabox

Few things warm up a bleak space (or cover up a musty smell) better than a gorgeous, scented candle. But when was the last time you bought one for yourself? Time to gift yourself an artisanal, all-natural votive every month—glass of wine and bubble bath encouraged.

Vellabox (starting from $10 per month)

Love Goodly  

Lifestyle: Love Goodly


Not only does this club come with a selection of beautiful, eco-friendly and cruelty-free health and beauty products each month, but 5 percent of each purchase goes to a worthy cause. So you can give—and get. (Oh, and the items are full-size.) 

Love Goodly (starting from $30 per month)

All Girl Shave Club

Beauty: All Girl Shave Club

You know it’s time to change your ways when you keep getting razor burn from old blades. This service will keep your bathroom stocked with fresh razors with the option to add on products like shave butter or exfoliating scrub. 

All Girl Shave Club (from $9 per month)

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