Turns Out Home Depot Is *The* Secret Source for...Luxe Massage Chairs?

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When you need to relax, Home Depot probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind. But it turns out that some of the home improvement shop’s best-selling items are high-end massage chairs. What they lack in looks—because, let’s be real, these types of chairs aren’t exactly known for their aesthetics—they make up for in how well they work. Here are six of the best ones, all of which will take your at-home lounging to the next level.

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1. Osaki Black Faux-leather Reclining Massage Chair

This chair may look like something from the future, but it’s available now to help ease stress and soothe your aching body. It is remote controlled (so you barely have to move) and has heated pads and massagers running from your shoulders to your feet. It also comes in brown and ivory, if black furniture isn’t your thing.

2. Titan Pro Series Soho Cream Faux-leather Reclining Massage Chair

If you’re going to invest in a massage chair, why not go with one that includes every possible bell and whistle? Not only does this chair give you a seriously good massage but it also includes Bluetooth speakers, body-scan technology and ten different types of massages. Basically, this is the Ferrari of massage chairs, perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to settle for just the average chair. It also comes in brown and black, BTW.

3. Infinity Evolution Rose Gold Premium 3d Massage Chair

When you’re mid-massage, you don’t want to get up. For anything. And with this over-the-top model, you don’t have to. It can charge your phone and play music via Bluetooth, and it’s voice controlled, so you can switch up your massage style without having to lift a finger. At $9,000, our only gripe is that it can’t cook meals for you, too.

4. Icomfort Black Leatherette 3-mode Massage Chair

This simple black chair from iComfort is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to feel like they’re flying a rocket ship when they sit down for a massage. It has three different types of massage actions, and it features integrated speakers and a USB charging station (so you can take a mental vacation scrolling Instagram without worrying about draining your battery). It also has a sleek, modern look that isn’t too over-the-top.

5. Relaxzen Longstreet Charcoal Microfiber Massage Rocker Recliner With Heat

Not everyone has thousands of dollars on hand to invest in a massage chair, but you don’t need to go for a pricey option to get an enjoyable massage. The Relaxzen chair looks like a cushy recliner, but has nine massage modes that you can adjust via remote. There’s also USB charging, a heated seat and the ability to lean way, way back while you unwind.

6. Boyel Living Black Reclining Massage/gamer Chair

If you spend a lot of time at a computer or playing video games, you know the importance of a comfy chair. So why settle for a normal office chair when you can have a massage gaming chair with a headrest, padded seat and adjustable armrests? We dare you to bring this into your next Zoom meeting with the office.

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