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In the Before Times, we had a firm rule: No working in our bedroom. It was our post-work relaxation space, and we didn’t want last-minute meeting prep, after-hours conference calls or our ever-growing inbox to interfere with that. But now that we’ve got a full-blown home office setup in the corner of the room, all bets are off. And some days, particularly those where we don’t have to show our face on any Zoom calls, we’re tempted to just reach for our laptop and work from bed. But it gets uncomfortable pretty quickly. So we’ve decided it’s about time we invested in a lap desk. Interested in doing the same? Here, find the 15 best lap desks on the market. (BTW, we hear they’re great for working from the couch or floor too.)

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1. LapGear Home Office Lap Desk

Best Overall

To be honest, we didn’t know they made lap desks this sophisticated until we stumbled upon this one. LapGear’s Home Office Lap Desk features a built-in mouse pad, phone holder and device ledge to ensure your computer doesn’t slide off, three features that seem like they’ll definitely come in handy. The 1.8-foot by 1-foot surface is big enough to hold most laptops, and the two cushions ensure that your legs will stay comfy, even during an hour-long Zoom meeting.

$35 at Amazon


2. LapGear Compact Lap Desk

Best Value

If you have a small, 13-inch laptop, or prefer to set your computer down while you take notes on your lap, this lap desk is for you. Its 14-inch by 10-inch dimensions are pretty compact, making it just right for folks who don’t want anything clunky. Bonus: Its smooth, flat surface allows for better ventilation for your laptop, so it won’t overheat and start making that whirring noise that you hate.

$12 at Amazon


3. Huanuo Lap Desk


Now here’s a lap desk we could actually work on all day long. In addition to a built-in mousepad and phone holster, it has a tablet holder and wrist cushion so you can type for hours on end without a tinge of pain or soreness. The top bolster cushion is also taller than the bottom one, which keeps the desk at a comfortably tilted angle. “This has got to be the best lap desk I have ever owned! The wrist rest is cushion-y, and the cushions on the back are super comfortable on my legs—slight incline, which is perfect. It’s sturdy and light,” writes one happy customer.

$60 at Amazon


4. LapGear Schoolhouse Wood LapDesk with Storage

Best Lap Desk with Storage

The only thing better than a super convenient lap desk? A super convenient lap desk with lots of hidden storage space. Simply lift up the top of this wood veneer-finished desk and you’ll find two compartments that are ideal for storing pens, notebooks and planners, if you’re old school like that (we are). Rather than having two bolster cushions, like most lap desks, this one’s entire bottom side is padded, making it comfy to use in a variety of sitting positions.

$39 at Amazon


5. Huanuo Adjustable Lap Desk

Best Adjustable Lap Desk

This ingenious design allows you to tilt your computer or tablet at eight different angles depending on what feels best for your head and neck. Plus, it has a small shelf on the bottom that prevents your devices from falling off the 1.2-foot by 1-foot surface, even if you have them propped up at the highest angle. Reviewers say it’s totally saved them from slouching.

$24 at Amazon


6. Zhu Chuang Multifunctional Lap Desk

Best Lap Desk with Legs

Prefer something that you don’t have to balance precariously on your legs 24/7? Opt for a mini desk like this. When it’s not in use, just fold the legs in for easy storage. One reviewer says buying this little table has completely transformed her work-from-home setup. “The portable desk [allows] me to set up office anywhere I [find] seating...including my bed. The unit [is] very sturdy and my 15.5-inch laptop fits on top, in addition to my mouse pad turned sideways. My husband was so jealous I had to buy him one,” she explains.

$35 at Amazon


7. Sofia + Sam Oversize Lap Desk with Detachable Light

Best Lap Desk with a Lamp

Planning to read at your new lap desk, or work into the late hours of the night? Then consider investing in this model, which comes with a detachable USB-powered light. The 1.8-foot by 1.2-foot tabletop is ideal if you want a large workspace—it can even hold a 17 inch-laptop. There’s a memory foam pillow attached to the bottom, which buyers say molds to your legs right away.

$45 at Amazon


8. Desk York Adjustable Laptop Stand

Most Versatile Lap Desk

This design is similar to the one from Zhu Chuang, in that rather than resting it on your thighs you can rest the legs on your bed or couch. But this one is even more convenient, because you can adjust the height and angle of the legs depending on where you’re sitting. It can even be placed on top of your actual desk to create a makeshift standing desk if you’d like. “Once you understand how to use this, it is indispensable for one who likes to lounge on the bed, in a recliner or on the couch with their laptop,” writes one reviewer.

$55 at Amazon


9. Honey Can Do Laptop Tray

Best Minimal Lap Desk

If you’ve been on the hunt for a simple, no-nonsense lap desk, look no further. The 2-foot by 1.3-foot top is made from medium density fiberboard that’ll keep your laptop cool, and features nothing but a handle at the top so you can easily carry it to your desired workspace of the hour. Other than that, there’s a removable cushion underneath and a slot to secure any wires you want to keep track of and that’s about it. Sometimes simplicity is the best approach.

Buy It ($33)


10. Saiji Laptop Bed Tray Table

Most Customizable Lap Desk

On the other hand, if you prefer a few fancy features, you’ll appreciate this option. Saiji made it so that you can adjust the height of the legs, as well as the angle of the tabletop, on this 2-foot by 1.6-foot tray table. It also has a hidden drawer in the back that’s perfect for storing blue light glasses, pens or your phone if you’re trying to keep it out of sight. Another cool feature? You can adjust the stopper at the bottom of the counter, so your computer doesn’t slide onto your lap, even if you’re working at an extreme angle—or with your laptop off to one side of the desk.

$54 at Amazon

Bed Bath & Beyond

11. LapGear Cup Holder Lap Desk

Best Lap Desk with a Cup Holder

Maybe you can’t work past 2 p.m. without a can of Diet Coke, or you’ve been known to survive the day subsisting on cold brew and cold brew alone. Either way, it’s worth seeking out a lap desk with a built-in cup holder—you definitely don’t want any accidental spills taking place. This 1.2-foot by 1.5-foot desk has just enough space to hold the essentials: Your laptop and a drink.

Buy It ($30)


12. Spintray Desk for Peloton

Best Spin Bike Compatible Lap Desk

Sometimes, the only way to get a little movement in during your day is if you multitask during it, and this acrylic lap desk takes that concept to the next level. It hooks onto your Peloton bike’s handlebar so that you can read, write or type while you pedal. “I love it for getting my legs moving when I’m stuck to my ‘desk’ all day and can’t get outside for a walk,” says PureWow director of social strategy Aly Owens.

$59 at Amazon

Bed Bath & Beyond

13. Pillow Pad Multi-Angle Lap Desk

Best for Tablets

This lightweight foam tablet stand can be flipped around three ways for a slightly different height and angle on each side. The built-in ledge will ensure that your iPad or Kindle never slides off, while the mesh side pocket holds earphones, a stylus or whatever else you want to have on hand.

Buy It ($20)


14. ECR4Kids The Surf Portable Lap Desk

Best for Kids

Any parent who’s been struggling through virtual schooling knows that kids don’t like to sit in one place all day. So this portable lap desk is a total godsend. They can set it anywhere they want to do their schoolwork if they’re getting bored of sitting at the kitchen counter. Just be sure to invest in the cushion (which is sold separately) to keep them comfy.

$35 at Amazon


15. PersonalizationMall Personalized Lap Desk

Best Personalized Lap Desk

If your partner keeps taking over every workspace you put together, try investing in one of these personalized lap desks. Then you can go anywhere in the house to find a little peace and quiet. Plus, adding your name or initials to the top makes it clear this seat’s taken, pal. Select the accent color and what you want written on it, and this Etsy seller will take care of the rest.

Buy It ($40)

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