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In the great wide world of ROI (that’s reno talk for “return on investment”), it can be hard to prioritize just where to spend those hard-earned dollars. New appliances? New roof? Open concept wall demo?

Which is why we prefer to ask the experts, as opposed to rolling the dice. Enter: Genevieve Gorder, designer girl crush extraordinaire and star of the Netflix hit, Stay Here. We recently caught up with Gorder to discuss her free (!) design classes through TJ Maxx (more on that here), and she was kind enough to share the one reno investment she swears by.

“Hardwoods!” she insisted. “They’re a great investment because they’re going to wear the best. Laminates...listen, I know people want to spend less on their floor, but I feel like you spend less on your floor. I even smell it,” she said. “There are a lot of toxins in many of these flooring options, and besides, I’d rather you have a home that, when you’re ready to sell, pays you back. Hardwoods always appreciate.”

So there you have it, guys: Permission, nay, fiscal encouragement to spring for wide-plank oak beauties.

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