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The 10 Best Home Styling Hacks We Learned This Year

While you may not have a day to devote to painting a whole room or re-grouting the bath (fun!), chances are you do have a few minutes to re-position a mirror or neaten up Fido’s accessories. Add these fast, easy home improvements into your rotation and see if you don’t wind up loving where you live even more.

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Make Your Home Smell Terrif Without Candles

Now there are chic diffusers and essential oil dispensers that freshen without an open flame.

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Doggy-Proof Your Home

Create a dedicated pet-supply drop drawer and get Peanut her own furniture, for starters.

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Follow Home Goods Bargains Via App

Your fave local stores send you notifications when cool new stuff arrives, so you’re not missing out on any French-style settees.

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De-Clutter Like There’s No Tomorrow

Practice Swedish death cleaning, the craze that promotes giving away things as if you’re going to die tomorrow. (Morbid, but it works.)

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Add a Dash of Florals ASAP

Chintz used to be dowdy, but now it’s practically edgy thanks to being added to eclectic decor in small but punchy doses such as pillows or an accent chair.

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De-Stress Your Home

Earth tones, ten-minute-tidying sessions and treating your dog to some CBD really mellows your living room’s vibe.

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Embrace Imperfection

Fix your broken ceramics with a gilded glue and you’re entering a whole new world of Kintsugi, aka the Japanese practice of patching with gold.

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Style (Not Cram) Your Bookshelves

Because shelfies are the new selfies, here are 25 tricks of the trade.

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Smart Mirror Placement = Bigger Room

Place your shiny glass opposite a window, so it can bounce the light around. Bonus points if your mirror is a newsy round shape.

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Create a Private Moment

If time to ourselves is the new luxury, having a kid- and S.O.- free zone at home is platinum-level access.

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