Here’s the Best Furniture On Amazon to Buy Right Now

You already stock up on everything from vitamins to laundry detergent to books on Amazon. But if you haven’t checked out its home furnishings, you should: The Everything Store has seriously stepped up its decor game in recent months (see also: The Plant Shop), launching two in-house furniture lines that are as beautiful as they are affordable. Rivet features midcentury modern-inspired pieces that are also small-space-friendly, while Stone & Beam is a farmhouse-chic line that’ll make your inner Joanna Gaines jump for joy.

The best part? Both collections come with free shipping under Amazon Prime and a 30-day return policy in case what you buy just doesn’t work with your space. So we scoured the best furniture on Amazon to bring your some of our favorite pieces from Rivet and Stone & Beam, plus other pretty finds from around the Amazon-verse.

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midcentury green velvet sofa amazon

1. Midcentury Velvet Sofa

This green velvet couch may be the dreamiest statement piece in Amazon’s soon-to-launch summer collection.

geometric tasseled rug amazon

2. Tasseled Wool Rug

We always knew an area rug was one of the easiest ways to pull together a room. What we didn’t know is how much we needed one with playful tassels.

Buy It ($176)

round glass coffee table amazon

3. Two-tiered Glass Coffee Table

This round gold-rimmed table is elegant and doesn’t feel bulky (even in a square-footage-challenged studio).

vintage wood mirror amazon

4. Vintage Wood Frame Mirror

Go ahead and tell everyone you spent a fortune on this at some obscure flea market—your secret’s safe with us.

brass chandelier amazon

5. Brass Chandelier

Finally, gorgeous statement lighting that doesn’t cost a fortune.

fur throw rug amazon

6. Faux Sheepskin Rug

A hygge-approved throw = instant room refresh. (And also, your new Netflix buddy.)

herringbone chair amazon

7. Herringbone Chair

Herringbone will forever be a classic print, but teal gives this accent chair more modern appeal. Hello, reading nook.

reclaimed wood end table amazon

8. Reclaimed-wood Table

Etsy design without the Etsy prices, this rustic piece can work as either a living room end table or a bedroom nightstand—at just 16 square inches, it’ll fit just about anywhere.

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