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You’re dying to get a dog, but you’re not exactly blessed in the living space department. As in, you reside in a tiny, shoebox apartment with barely enough room for another person, let alone an energetic canine. That’s why we checked in with the good folks at to find out which dogs are the best for apartment living. Here are five to consider.

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best dogs for apartments cavalier
Page Light Studios/Getty Images

1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Charlotte’s dog Elizabeth Taylor on Sex and the City? A Cavalier King Charles, natch. This breed is on the petite side, weighing about ten to 18 pounds. Cavaliers are normally friendly, eager to please and get along well with kids and other dogs (great for shared elevator rides).

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best dogs for apartments french bulldog
fotokostic/Getty Images

2. French Bulldogs

In addition to their small, compact size, these little cuties have a mellow, friendly and easygoing temperament. They’re often more interested in chilling on the couch than at the dog park (honestly, same), making them a low-maintenance breed and a tried-and-true city dog.

best dogs for apartments toy poodle
paylessimages/Getty Images

3. Toy Poodles

Nope, that’s not a stuffed teddy bear (but it’s just as cute). Toy poodles are tiny—obviously—with most clocking in at less than ten inches. Because of their small stature, they’re able to get much of the exercise they need running around an apartment (even a small one). They’re also super easy to house-train—totally key.

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best dogs for apartments pug
LexiTheMonster/Getty Images

4. Pugs

How could you say no to that face? Pugs typically weigh 14 to 18 pounds, and their temperaments are playful, even comical. Unlike other small, yappy dogs like Yorkies, pugs are a relatively quiet breed, meaning your neighbors will barely know they’re there. Though they can be stubborn, pugs’ general friendliness makes them good city dogs.

best dogs for apartments mastiff
debibishop/Getty Images

5. Mastiffs

Don’t be fooled by their large size (mastiffs can weigh anywhere between 120 and 230 pounds): These calm and good-natured pups are gentle giants who are instinctively protective of their families. Though they do need regular exercise like moderate walks, they tire pretty easily and won’t sprint around your apartment wreaking havoc (like a Labrador or German shepherd would).

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