14 of the Best Comforter Sets to Transform Your Bedroom Into a Cozy Haven

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There's nothing quite like hitting the sack with a set of ultra-cozy bedding wrapped around you. If your current blankets and sheets are lacking that inviting softness your soul desires, however, then it's high time to start the search for a comforter set that will not only increase your nighttime, well, comfort, but give your bedroom a fresh new feel. While there are enough options out there to make your head spin, you needn't lose sleep over it: We've already scoured the web to find you the best comforter sets out there that have everything you'll need to turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary.

What to Look for in a Comforter Set

Material: There are a wide variety of comforter fabrics out there, so before you find your perfect set, you'll want to familiarize yourself with some of the materials that go into them. Organic cotton-based fabrics breathe easily, for instance, but have the possibility of shrinking a little in the wash, whereas polyester microfibers are hypoallergenic and tend to retain their plushiness. Read on for some of the most common comforter materials.

  • Cotton: Cotton has many advantages when it comes to bedding: Its breathable nature helps to keep the body cool at night, as it is excellent at absorbing moisture such as sweat (it can reportedly soak up to 27 times its weight). The best part about cotton is that it actually becomes softer over time, so you can use it to your heart's desire. However, because of its popularity, it often runs cheap, so make sure you're investing in a high-quality set thats not too scratchy.

  • Down: Down filling, which is made of either goose or duck feathers, has been protecting people from the harshest cold climates for centuries due to its insulating abilities. The ultra-fluffy softness will soothe your senses at night and it won't be too heavy while you sleep.
  • Microfiber: Typically made of synthetic materials, this fabric is more resistant towards wrinkling and shrinkage. Microfiber manages to be thin, yet strong. It can also wick away moisture, keeping you dry all night. It can easily trap heat, however, so it may not be suitable for those living in warmer climates. Physically, microfiber tends to be smooth to the touch and give off a polished appearance.

  • Bamboo: This silky, breathable material is ideal for hot sleepers and couples alike, due to its woven construction, which allows air to easily pass through. It's soft to the touch and tends to be eco-friendly, as bamboo is a highly renewable source.

Comforter set contents: You'll want to make sure that your new comforter set comes with everything you need to complete your bedding. A basic three-piece set, for instance, may include a comforter and two pillow shams, while larger ones will include your fitted and flat sheets, bed skirts and bonuses, such as decorative pillows.

Certifications: When searching for a new comforter set, keep an eye out to see if the product is OEKO-TEX certified. This stamp of approval means the item meets safety and environmental requirements as set by the International Association for Research and Testing in the field of textile and leather ecology, like being free of harmful substances and following environmentally responsible production standards.

Got an idea of what you kind of comforter set you're looking for? Good. You can get to browsing below in our list of the best comforter sets around .

The Best Comforter Sets at a Glance

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1. Bebejan Bloom 5-piece Comforter Set

Best Overall Comforter Set

If this elegant five-piece comforter set doesn't make you swoon, we just don't know what will. It comes with a full set-up—you'll get a reversible comforter, two pillow shams, one quilted square pillow and one oblong pillow—so you’ll have everything you need to binge-watch your shows in bed in style. Made with a durable cotton sateen with a 200 thread count, this comforter is also reversible, so you can change it with your mood. Better yet, it cleans easily, since you can throw it right into the wash.


2. Mabel Ombré 5-piece Comforter Set

Best Ombré Comforter Set

Soft, cotton and hypoallergenic, this stunning ombré design is suitable for even those with bedding sensitivities. More importantly, however, it's sure to add an artistic, contemporary vibe to your room. It's OEKO-Tex certified, and one reviewer complemented its small tucks and strong stitching, which they claimed prevented it from moving around on the bed—a big bonus for those who tend to toss and turn.


3. Janzaa 3-piece Comforter Set

Best Floral Comforter Set

This lovely hand-painted floral comforter set has all the basics, including a comforter and two matching pillow cases. The ultra-soft, brushed microfiber won't easily wrinkle or shrink in the washing machine (be sure to use cold water), and its heat-trapping properties will keep you warm, but not sweaty, in the impending winter months. What's not to love?

Bed Bath & Beyond

4. Madison Park Harding 7-piece Comforter Set

Best Hypoallergenic Comforter Set

Buying your first comforter set? This 100 percent cotton collection comes with all the essentials. There's a comforter, a sham, a bed skirt and the added bonus of not one, not two, but three decorative pillows with an elegant embroidered pattern. More than that, however, it's hypoallergenic, OEKO-Tex certified and 100 percent cotton, so you can count on it to be cool and breathable without irritating your sinuses. The geometric diamond design also adds *just* the right touch of southwestern charm.


5. Ugg Polar Star 3-piece Comforter Set

Best Warm Comforter Set

The playful star pattern on this set will be ideal for teens or tweens to cozy up to on cold nights (or any chilly sleeper who needs to be swathed in total warmth). Its fuzzy, faux fur lining will be soft to the touch, and it's topped off a polyester micromink for added heat.


6. Peri Home Chelline Lattice 3-piece Comforter Set

Best Cotton Comforter Set

For those who would rather feel smooth, cooling cotton on their skin as they sleep, there's this option from Peri Home. The simple-yet-chic design is made from 100 percent cotton with a fuzzy, chenille lattice element that adds a playful texture to your bedding. All of the materials are machine-washable, and you can choose from one of two inviting neutral hues.


7. Bedsure 8-piece Bed-in-a-bag Comforter Set

Best Reversible Comforter Set

If you're having difficulty nailing down the exact pattern and color combination you want for your bedroom, this eight-piece collection will make your decision a whole lot easier. One side features a bold navy hand-drawn quatrefoil pattern while the other is a brighter white with navy detailing. Made of 100 percent microfiber polyester, this set is sure to keep its plushness, too—even after a number of washes.


8. Urban Habitat Brooklyn 7-piece Comforter Set

Best Pom-Pom Comforter Set

If you've been drooling over all that cottagecore home décor, you just may have met your match: This light and airy cotton pick will help you bring the style home. Both the comforter, which is stuffed with hypoallergenic polyester filling, and the pillow shams feature adorable pom "tufts" throughout for a textured element. It also comes with two decorative pillows with a slightly contrasting pattern that lends to this set's "shabby chic" vibe.


9. Uozzi 7-piece Bed-in-a-bag Comforter Set

Best Colorful Comforter Set

Equipped with a comforter, two pillow shams and cases, a fitted and a flat sheet, this cheery collection's ace in the hole is its bright color cube pattern, which will brighten up your room for an instant pick-me-up on days you just can't even. The careful, tight stitches are meant to create an edge wrap that won't easily be moved, and Amazon shoppers say the microfiber fabric is super soft against your skin.


10. Elegant Comfort 8-piece Comforter Set

Best Microfiber Comforter Set

This grouping comes with everything you'll need to make your sleeping space a place of supreme comfort. On both sides of its sleek, fitted sheets are handy-dandy pockets that you can use to store your book, glasses or remote control. In short? Your bulky old nightstand just got downgraded. The elegant comforter, meanwhile, is made from microfiber yarns that are "even finer, longer and stronger than silk," according to the company. It's both hypoallergenic and fade-resistant, too.


11. Amazon Basics Micromink Sherpa 3-piece Comforter Set

Best Faux Mink Comforter Set

The world is your oyster when it comes to this comforter set—there are more than 20 styles to choose from, ranging from "Red Buffalo Plaid" to "Teal Gingham." No matter which one you gravitate toward, you'll get a reversible design made with micromink polyester on one side and a faux sherpa fleece on the other. (Can you say cozy?) It's machine-safe and made in an OEKO-Tex factory, too, so you can feel good about your purchase.


12. Amazon Basics 7-piece Bed-in-a-bag Comforter Set

Best Lightweight Set

If you're the type of sleeper who can't stand to have a lot of fabric weighing you down, this light and airy comforter set is one you won't want to pass up. Shoppers say it feels as though you're sleeping on a literal cloud! Made with durable-yet-cushy microfibers, the topper has a slight peach-like fuzz that adds yet another layer of snuggliness, and it's OEKO-Tex certified, too. In fact, your biggest challenge will be choosing which one of the bold, modern patterns will best suit your space.


13. Utopia Bedding Printed 3-piece Comforter Set

Best Patterned Comforter Set

For a look-at-me pattern you won't soon forget, check out this 100 percent polyester pick. Its brushed microfiber cover is not only soft, it's got a unique design that will make a statement on your bed. The comforter is filled with a "plush siliconized fiberfill down alternative," so it's sure to be extra warm, and its two pillow shams all made with the same durable, breathable fabric.


14. Amazon Basics 10-piece Bed-in-a-bag Comforter Set

Best Boho Comforter Set

Complete with a reversible comforter, two shams, a fitted and flat sheet, a bed skirt, two pillowcases and two different shaped pillows, this set is a boho-lover's dream with a beautiful grey medallion design in ultra-soft polyester microfiber that immediately draws in the eye. On top of that, it's got OEKO-Tex certification and machine washability, all of which combined has earned this set a glowing rating from nearly 9,000 Amazon shoppers.

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