11 Beach Houses You Can Buy Right Now for Less Than $300,000

Wouldn’t it be amazing to jet off to your own beachfront vacation house every weekend like a celebrity? Sigh. Good news: This dream is totally attainable. (Unlike that one where you marry George Clooney.) Here, 11 homes for sale in cute beach towns throughout the U.S. And best of all, you can buy them all for less than $300,000.

Myrtle Beach, Sc (3 Br, 3 Ba); $240,000

The first rule of beach houses: You have to paint everything turquoise.

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Cape May, Nj (1 Br, 1 Ba); $300,000

This quaint beach town is pricey, so sorry, you’re going to have to settle for an adorable condo.

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Pensacola, Fl (3 Br, 2 Ba); $290,000

Mobile, Al (3 Br, 2 Ba); $234,000

Yep, that looks like a good kitchen to boil some lobster in.

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Delray Beach, Fl (2 Br, 2 Ba); $260,000

Palm trees in the front yard? Don’t mind if we do.

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La Porte, Tx (3 Br, 2 Ba); $170,000

All this could be yours, Simba.

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Corpus Christi, Tx (3 Br, 2 Ba); $200,000

Home is where the trampoline is.

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Biloxi, Ms (4 Br, 3 Ba); $239,000

What good is a beach-house sunroom if you can’t deck it out with tacky beach decor? And of course, more turquoise.

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Titusville, Fl (2 Br, 2 Ba); $160,000

OK, so this is a condo and you might have to share this pool with a couple of people. But it’s a pool.

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Hobe Sound, Fl (2 Br, 2 Ba); $299,000

Speaking of pools…

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Waianae, Hi (empty Lot); $270,000

You know what? Forget the house. We’ll just buy this empty lot in Hawaii and camp out on the beach every night.

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