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We love living in Miami for lots of reasons. The beach. The sun. The people. The culture. And because Artefacto chose our area as the one place in the world to open a batch of its Brazilian-based home stores, allowing us to graduate from white plastic storage blocks to stylish adult things like metallic sofas and ombré bedspreads. Here, six secrets to navigating the store like a pro. But shhhhh, this is all on the down low. (OK, but tell all your girlfriends.)


Artefacto exterior

Go Shopping During the Week
Specifically, in the morning. By arriving early (we’re talking within an hour of opening time), you’ll get first dibs on the newest stuff without the hassle of the weekend crowd. (Plus, we hear this is when interior designers shop the store, so you just might run into somebody fabulous.)

Artefacto design house

Don’t Miss the Annual Design House
Once a year, its Coral Gables showroom unveils a curated design house. That’s where nine hand-picked firms create spaces inspired by international fashion houses. (How do Tom Ford and Valentino sound?) Each vignette marries personal style with a brand and incorporates Artefacto’s newest seasonal collection. If you’re in need of inspo, use this as a real-life Pinterest board. Need we say more?

artefactor shopping secrets

Ask for the Good Stuff
And by good stuff, we mean the collections that are only available at Artefacto. That’s right, the store is known for carrying a selection of items that are exclusive to its design house. Find fancy chairs with even fancier names—Pipo, Lolo and Uma (only eight exist in the world)—or an indoor swing inspired by Brazil’s Carnival festival.

Get Trendy
Organic woods, velvet accents, quilted couches. Thanks to a friendly sales staff, you can get in the know before you pick out your next bed frame or door handle. Artefacto always suggests a blend of trend and tradition, ensuring that your next splurge will last longer than that Forever 21 top you bought last month.

Artefacto showroom

Think Outside the Box
Navigating the store can be a bit tricky, especially when some of the best gems are used as decoration in counterintuitive departments. For instance, say you need a desk lamp. Instead of heading straight to the aisle lined with bright lights, check the bedroom section. There, you may find the perfect one perched atop a dresser as decor. Remember, most everything in Artefacto is curated in a mock room, making it easy to mix and match from your favorite showcases.

Snag a Personal Design Consultant
You love everything but can decide on nothing. The struggle to overcome a bad case of indecisiveness is real. And coming home with three full-length bedroom mirrors—metallic, gold and velvet—is just not OK. Request the help of one of the design consultants, who are always around the store. Share your vision and let them whisk you away into creating your dream room. Pairing an off-white bed with an industrial leather frame? We’re in

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