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Winter Care for Dogs
It's not just a sweater that he needs.

Ah, cuticle-cracking season. You trim, you moisturize, you manicure. And you don’t even have to walk barefoot down the street.

Imagine how your dog must feel.

As the temps drop and the winds cut, here are some winter-specific spa treatments to give to ol' Meatball.

To moisturize skin See if your neighborhood groomer offers a hot-oil treatment. Many places (like Biscuits & Bath and New York Dog Nanny) do. Just like some ’80s VO5, this softens their fur, hydrates their skin and saves your apartment from mounds of dandruff. You could even make a special trip to Fetch Club in the Financial District to hook your little dude up with a Dead Sea mud mask. (Really.)

To loosen joints Aches in the hips are a common problem for aging pooches. So the folks at D Pet Hotels in Chelsea just debuted an Epsom-salt soak to ease cold-weather inflammation.

To protect paws Salty sidewalks will soon be here. If your pup refuses to wear booties (uh, like ours), treat his feet with Musher’s Secret, which you can get at many pet stores. It’s a waxy balm that coats the paw pads and creates a barrier from whatever he decides to step in.

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