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You had a long day at work and all you want to do is bake some cookies. (This particular evening calls for Pillsbury--and Pinot.) You open your kitchen cabinet and an avalanche of sheets and pans tumbles out. What to do? We checked in with Toni Hammersley, author of The Complete Book of Home Organization, and learned a nifty trick.

What do I need? A slotted file organizer (like the one sitting on your desk).

What do I do? Clean out the cabinet, ditch any dupes and give the area a good wipe down. Once you’ve made some space, place the file organizer in the cabinet and slot any essential-but-clunky items (cutting boards, cake pans, cooling racks, etc.) into the compartments.

But I was using that file organizer for papers! No, you weren’t. Paper is so 20th century. 

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