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The Best Thing You Can Do with a Packing Peanut

Those squishy little packing peanuts are good for more than just keeping your Christmas ornaments from breaking. It turns out they also might save your wall from getting banged up the next time you’re hanging a painting. Here’s the deal.

What you need: A Styrofoam packing peanut, a nail and a hammer

What you do: Push the nail through the packing peanut so the end is just peeking out the other side. Position the nail by holding the peanut steady, and hammer away.

Why it works: The squishy peanut has enough surface area for you to grasp, and it also prevents the nail from slipping. Meaning you won’t miss and accidentally hit the wall and/or your new manicure.

So? No paint (or manicure) touch-ups required!

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