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Upgrade Your Shower with Moen
Guess what this bathroom needs?

Living in New York is hard. Between fifth-floor walk-ups, the weird smell of 28th Street between Broadway and Fifth, and the dreaded “Please swipe again” at the subway turnstile, it takes a certain resilience to make it here.

One part of city living that should be easy? Your shower.

That’s where Moen’s Engage with Magnetix handheld showerhead comes in.

The innovative design is simple to use: The showerhead detaches effortlessly from the magnetic dock, then easily snaps back into place when you’re done. 

With six different spray functions, there’s a setting for everyone, and since it’s compatible with any shower size, even the teeny-tiniest of bathrooms can be upgraded.

After a long, hard day in the greatest (and toughest) city in the world, you deserve a relaxing shower. What are you still doing here?

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