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San Francisco?s annual Decorator Showcase (open through May 25) is in its 37th year--and it?s the perfect opportunity to steal some expert tricks for sprucing up your home.

Take advantage of Friday Nights at Showcase, a weekly happy-hour event with wine and the chance to chat up the house?s designers about the latest trends. 

We picked up six smart tips from some of the showcase's designers.


Go Acrylic

Acrylics are in, and the living room is a good place to showcase this look. The pieces are subtle and can take on any color, period or style. They’re also a chic way to disguise banal accessories like wastebaskets, tissue boxes and magazine stands. 


Dress Up a Kitchen

Add interest and a little pizzazz by mixing cabinet hardware styles and finishes, like polished nickel with satin brass or bronze.


Make Use of Dead Space

The area underneath the stairs can be quite the storage coup. Design a cozy built-in dog bed or use the space as an additional pantry.


Consider Ceiling Treatments

Ceilings are often overlooked, but a great treatment can add wow factor. A metal leaf ceiling will reflect light to add richness and sparkle, while a color or pattern can add warmth and depth.


Create a Gender-Neutral Effect

Use a monochromatic color palette in the master bedroom (no lavender walls, ladies), then mix in hints of feminine colors and patterns with decor and accessories. Also look for bold masculine furniture pieces (think recliners) upholstered in delicate fabrics (like a soft suede).


Glam Up Utility Areas

In the laundry room, hang colorful wallpaper, store detergents in pretty glass containers and never overlook the power of a cool light fixture.

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