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This year, we’re celebrating the glory that is fall by hosting a festive and decidedly grown-up fete in celebration of the season’s timeless mascot: the pumpkin. Ready, set, hostess of the year.

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pumpkin carving party LIST1

Set the scene alfresco

Weather permitting, a crisp fall chill and golden-leaved backdrop will be your party’s best accessory.  

pumpkin carving party LIST2

Get festive with decor

Glitter, ghouls, streamers, oh my. The more kitsch the merrier when it comes to this fete.  

pumpkin Carving party LIST3
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Have guests BYO pumpkins

Save yourself from having to cram 40 gourds into your Honda by asking guests to bring their own. (Just maybe have a few extras for the inevitable carving mishap or plus-one ambush.)

pumpkin carving party LIST4

Ready thy workshop

To have on hand: Newspaper (for the mess), paper towels (ditto), washable markers and templates (for the artistically challenged) and big ole bowls (for pumpkin guts).

pumpkin carving party LIST5
Lana_M/Getty Images

Make a spooky playlist

Time to find some sweet indie covers of “Monster Mash.”

pumpkin carving party LIST6
robertmandel/Getty Images

Whip up delicious fall fare

Allow us to recommend our (almost) too-cute-to-eat mini caramel apples, buttery cranberry-brie puff-pastry pops and fall-hued homemade veggie chips.

pumpkin carving party LIST7
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Don't forget libations

Pumpkin beer is a solid choice but be sure to have a hot, seasonal punch on hand as well. Our cinnamon-y recipe for mulled cider is bound to be a hit.

pumpkin carving party LIST8
OlafSpeier/Getty Images

Play up booze presentation

Wanna really wow 'em? Serve that toasty cider--wait for it--in a pumpkin. (Simply carve out the center and place your bowl inside.)

pumpkin carving party LIST11

Make guests individual pumpkin kits

Serrated knife, check. Wooden spoon, double check. Tea lights and matches, check, check, check. So adorable.

pumpkin carve party LIST9

Cover your bases

For those friends you don?t trust with a knife (or who don?t like to get their hands dirty), be sure to have some no-carve pumpkin decor options at the ready. Our favorite goo-free alternatives? Doilies, push pins and metallic paint.

pumpkin carving party LIST10
AlekZotoff/Getty Images

Set those babies aglow

Holiday crafts are just the prettiest.

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