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Less is more, right? But is it possible to live in just 147 square feet?

Frank Henderson and Paul Schultz--the Chicago-based creators of the Toybox Tiny Home--say yes, and they’re out to prove it by finishing construction on the adorable dwelling they designed to be the ideal place for peace, simplicity, happiness and recreation. Take a peek at their creation. 

Their ideas are pretty genius: seating that doubles as cube storage, radiant floor heating, built-in dry foods storage and an exterior planter that’s watered with runoff from the indoor sink.

A pantry that hangs on the wall.

The prototype house can be yours for $48,000, and the designers are gathering funding to expand the project.

It’s a couch, it’s a bed, it’s a closet: these cubes do it all.

If you donate $250, you’ll get a custom birdhouse made from the leftover materials, and for $750, you’ll get a copy of the plans so you can build your own Toybox Tiny Home.

Goodbye, condo association fees and four-hour cleaning sprees. Hello, the simple life.

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