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You know the old adage “one woman’s trash is another’s treasure”? Yeah, not applicable here. The 19 junk items below have no business being in your home or anyone else’s--so why are they still lingering? Ready, set, pitch.


1. Tights with runs. A problem that’s only going to get worse.

2. Underwear with holes. Ditto.

3. Rings that turn your finger green. We know, they were cheap and pretty once upon a time.

4. Mugs without handles. You haven’t picked it up since you broke the handle off last winter. (Makes sense if you think about it…)

5. Yellowed sheets. Because your bed shouldn’t make you cringe.

6. Trophies and medals from your childhood. Your middle school lacrosse team won regionals? Congrats.


7. Clothing with irreparable stains. An oil-slicked Proenza isn’t doing you any favors.

8. Expired, half-used beauty products. They’re slowly but surely turning into a science experiment in the bathroom cupboard.

9. Jeggings. Not to be confused with stretchy jeans.

10. Tattered jeans. If you can see your underwear, it’s time to go.

11. Leftover nuts and bolts. From a bookshelf that’s on its last legs anyway.

12. Broken chargers. See also: chargers for phones you no longer own.


13. Old condoms. Ew.

14. Old condiments. Also ew.

15. Presents from an ex. Clean slates are hard with clutter.

16. Tupperware without matching lids. No function and certainly no fashion.

17. Clothes that don’t come close to fitting. And haven’t since the Bush administration.

18. Totally dead houseplants. Sadly, your succulent is not going to get a second wind.

19. Expired medicine. Breaking news: Sudafed from 1997 doesn’t work anymore.


Opening image: HBO

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