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How to Structure a Christmas List So You Dont Come Off Like a Materialistic Jerk

Maybe you have greedy children. Maybe you secretly are a greedy child (trapped in a highly functional adult body). Either way, you know the holiday season inevitably brings out the worst in people, and things can quickly spiral into Veruca Salt territory.

The best way to keep your family in check? Structure Christmas wish lists per the following:

Want: One non-essential thing that would make you just beyond happy. Like a Kelly Wearstler throw pillow.

Need: One essential thing for the coming year that you?d rather not buy yourself. Like new snow tires.

Wear: A piece of clothing that?ll make you feel fabulous. Like a statement hat.

Read: A great book that everyone you know has recommended. Like Fates and Furies.

See? Wasn?t that easy?

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