Alison Victoria, host of the DIY Network remodeling show Kitchen Crashers, goes inside kitchens all over the country to help homeowners make big improvements.

But there’s a little thing she sees all the time that you can fix on your own, fast.

Many kitchens have doors--not drawers--on their lower cabinets, and that makes it hard to dig out what’s inside and see the stuff you’ve shoved to back over the years.

The solution: Install your own drawers behind those doors with something like this roll-out drawer kit. They extend fully so you can see where everything is, and all you need is a screwdriver or drill to affix them inside your cabinets.

You’re spring-cleaning anyway, so installing the drawers will give you a great excuse to pull everything out of those lower cabinets and toss or donate what you haven’t used in a while.

Another idea we love? Hanging--instead of stacking--your pots and pans inside your cabinet with a nifty organizer like this.

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