Everything That Happens to Your Mattress Over a 14-Year Period

The bed. It’s where you do your reading, your snuggling, your dewy-eyed thinking about life’s big questions. (You know, like whether or not you should get bangs.) Turns out, it’s also the place where you regularly cozy up to gross dust mites and old skin particles.

Consumer Affairs created an interactive timeline of how your mattress ages over a 14-year time span…and, guys, it’s really gross. Here’s our chronological breakdown of the dirty details.

1 year: Your mattress has 745,615 dust mites, each of which produces about 2,000 fecal particles.

3 years: You’ve slept in your bed for 7,801 hours on 10 pounds of shed skin cells.

5 years: Your mattress has more dust mites than the population of Los Angeles.

8 years: You’d be able to fill more than three kiddie pools with the 210 gallons of accumulated sweat.

10 years: A two-year-old child weighs less than the 31 pounds of skin flakes in your mattress.

14 years: Your mattress now has more dust mites (10 million+) than NYC’s population, four bathtubs full of sweat (364 gallons) and 42 pounds of dead skin (that’s heavier than two car tires).

The bottom line? After the eight years of recommended usage, it’s time to say buh-bye. We’re guessing 1-800-Mattress is about to see a huge uptick in sales.

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