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After a long day, there’s nothing better than hopping into the shower to de-stress. But to take your relaxation up a notch, you might want to think about switching out your current showerhead for something more sophisticated. Something that can bring the spa experience to you. That's where Nebia comes in.

Instead of using large amounts of water like standard showers, the sleek new high-tech system atomizes millions of water droplets into an efficient mist that covers a larger surface area. Nebia also uses 70 percent less water while promising to get out the shampoo and conditioner in the same amount of time. (Think of it like a steam room-meets-shower that's also drought-friendly and elegant.)

You can place your preorder now (from $349; shipping begins summer 2016). And hey, if Apple CEO Tim Cook was among the first people to back the project, you know it has to be worth the wait.

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