The Best Sheets for Spring and Summer

We told you why the perfect pillow can help you get a better night’s sleep and showed you how to make a bed before you get out of it.

Now we’re telling you about our favorite way to dress a bed for the warmer months: linen sheets.

You may think linen sounds stiff, but trust us--it’s breathable, satisfyingly weighty and gets softer with every wash. Plus, you never have to worry about wrinkles because it’s supposed to be wrinkled.

So where can you get them? The makers of Rough Linen take their sheets and duvet covers seriously--they don’t believe in fitted sheets, and their flat ones are well crafted and come in two colors, white and natural ($160 per queen sheet). You can also find nice sets on sale right now at Restoration Hardware ($215 for a queen set) or try this pretty, frayed-edge version designed by Eileen Fisher for Garnet Hill ($145 per queen sheet).

Sweet dreams, it turns out, are made of flax.

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