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Every home should be different, expressing the individuality and personality of its inhabitants in its own way… yadda, yadda, yadda. Because when push comes to shove, everyone needs a good vacuum.

We’ve teamed up with eBay to bring you seven of those key items--what you need to get a good night’s sleep, clean the carpet or make barista-worthy espresso right in your own kitchen.

Are there more than seven things your house absolutely needs? Well, yes, of course. But this is a good place to start. Take a peek to see if you have everything on the list.


1. A High-Quality Mattress

Listen up, folks. There is nothing more important than the mattress you sleep on each night. In our opinion, it’s the one thing in your home that you should definitely splurge on (you do spend 25 years of your life snoozing, after all). Luckily, it’s easy to find the quality mattress you want at an affordable price point. Just take a look at these finds from our favorite mattress company, Casper.


2. A Strong Yet Slim Vacuum

A vacuum with poor suction is majorly frustrating, especially if you’re trying to clean up after Fido. Rather than waste money on a cheap model that’s apt to break, invest in a Dyson Multi Floor upright vacuum. This guy is designed to clean carpet and hardwood, has bagless technology and maneuvers around corners like nobody’s business. It’s ridiculous to say that a vacuum is a pleasure to use, so we won’t say it. (But you know we mean it, right?)

3. A Cafe-Worthy Espresso Machine

In our humble yet highly caffeinated opinion, a high-quality coffee machine is an absolute must. Whether it’s for you (to make those early mornings a bit more enjoyable) or your guests (there’s nothing like a cappuccino after dinner), the Nespresso machine is sure to impress. Bonus: Think of all the money you’ll save without that daily Americano purchase.

To see the rest of the items, head right this way.

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