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The $25 Personal Assistant
Why yes, the flowers are fresh. And no, I didn't lift a finger.

Hey, guess what? You’re ridiculously busy.

So we felt we should share our latest discovery on the apps-for-domestic-chores front. It’s not one to pick up your dry cleaning, or to buy your groceries, or even to just mail your’s all those things in one.

Join Alfred Club.

It’s a new-to-NYC service that sends a personal assistant to stop by your house once a week on a set date. They’ll do all the tasks listed above, plus pick up your prescriptions, get your shoes repaired, switch out flower arrangements--pretty much anything for only $99 a month (so, $25 a visit).

Once you sign up for Alfred Club, you’ll fill in some personality details (e.g., toilet paper over or under?). You’ll share a set of keys (which will be kept securely at the Alfred Club office), and you’ll list out specific tasks for your assistant to complete weekly or as needed. Over time, the company will learn your habits, make suggestions for things you may forget (“seems you’re about to run out of dish soap”) and, if permitted, just manage it without bugging you (“went ahead and got you dish soap”).

Enjoy your newly reclaimed weekends--and sanity.

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