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We fancy ourselves pretty cultured. We know the difference between a Manet and a Monet (the use of color and a few million dollars). We go to the ballet regularly. We read The New Yorker. On paper.

Our latest obsession: food artist Jessica Siskin, who uses breakfast cereal as her canvas. (We said we were cultured, not picky.)

Back when Siskin was a successful fashion executive, she brought in a crispy rice treat shaped like a hamburger for a coworker and watched as everyone on staff went nuts. Within 24 hours, she had 30 orders. So Siskin quit her nine-to-five, and now she plays with food all day long.

We spent the day with Siskin to see how she has built an entire food empire with just a few boxes of breakfast cereal. While she can custom-make anything, it?s her emoji creations and sugary spins on pop culture that we love. And it?s not just us--Siskin has 30,000 passionate followers on Instagram.

This video is the fifth installment of Passion Projects, a partnership with our friends at Delta Faucet that aims to celebrate those who spend their days immersed in their passions and, in Siskin?s case, sticky, sweet marshmallows.

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