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June. Oh glorious, June. It’s finally that magical time when peaches are juicy and cobbler is everywhere.

Same goes for peonies. 

That’s right: Not all flowers can be found year-round. In fact, some of the prettiest blooms are only in season right this second. Before you hit up the farmers’ market or your local florist, know what to ask for.


We call these the knee-weakeners. Lush and feminine, peonies are basically the perfect flower. Their growing season depends on the surrounding climate, but typically they’re at their freshest in May and June.


Those of you in the Southeast are all too familiar with these heat-loving garden staples. Everyone else, meet your new favorite midsummer bloom. You’ll smell it a mile away. 


Delicate ruffled petals set this petite bud apart. Its peak season is early summer, but don’t be surprised if you still see a few hanging around through August.


More unusual in shape, the iris has long, hanging petals that can be ruffled (in the “bearded iris,” which blooms through June) or flat (in the Siberian iris and Japanese iris, which last into July). As for the hue, take your pick.



Maybe you call them larkspurs, but regardless, these tall flowering stalks (usually available in blue or white) just scream to be placed in your foyer before it gets too hot.


Similar to delphiniums (but available in many more colors), these stalks will brighten up any outdoor summer shindig.


Whatever you do, don’t forget the quintessential summer wildflower. Its prime doesn’t quite hit till July--but there's never a wrong time to go for these babies.

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