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Stop Washing Your Paintbrushes and Rollers!

Touching up the powder room or rehabbing a secondhand side table tends to turn into a two-day project. Save yourself some serious cleanup time by not rinsing your brushes and rollers in between painting sessions.

What you need: Paint-wet paintbrushes or rollers, a gallon-size zippered plastic bag or cling wrap, and a little bit of fridge shelf space.

What you do: When you call it quits for the night, simply wrap each brush in a bag (or cling wrap) and stick it in the fridge. When it's time to resume, take off the plastic and continue the project.

Why it works: The plastic coating and cool temps will keep the paint from hardening. In fact, you can continue using the paintbrush the instant you unwrap it.

Is this for real? Yes, even the pros do it!

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