Got a mudroom? You’re officially the envy of everyone you know. (And if you also have a California closet and walk-in pantry, well, then we kind of want to kill you.)

Don’t have a mudroom? Here’s how to fake one in even the teensiest of entryways.


Hang multiple heavy-duty hooks

These catchall multitaskers will hold coats, backpacks and more. And most importantly, they keep your crap off the floor.

Coat hooks ($20)


Put out the welcome mat for shoes

Give weathered footwear a place to rest with a designated welcome mat (or tray) for organizing. It’ll keep your floors cleaner, too.

Boot tray ($20)


Invest in a storage bench

This landing spot will give you a place to sit down and unlace your running shoes--and then a place to stow them. Stash tougher overflow footwear (like snow boots) underneath.

Storage bench ($60)


Mount steel tubs for storing winter goods

Shove gloves, hats and other nubby cold-weather accessories in a mounted tub on the wall. It’ll look cute and give you easy access to those mittens on days when you’re already late getting out the door.

Metal pails ($20 for set of 2)


Install a clothing rod in a corner

No coat closet? No problem. Keep trench coats looking crisp by storing outerwear on a makeshift rack.

Coat rack ($225)


Or, tuck in a basket

This last-resort organizing tool will catch everything else in a pinch.

Woven basket ($40)

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