It’s warm, it’s slightly rosy, it’s a little bit mystical: It’s copper. This on-trend metal is less glitzy than gold and less clinical than chrome. And it’s having a major moment in the home design world right now.

What’s more, this low-key material is practically made for the imperfect homemakers that we are, since its antiquing patina means it ages gracefully. Which is more than we can say for a cold, boring stainless-steel kitchen.

Ahead: Pretty little ways to welcome copper into your home.


Start Small

Ease into things by mixing metals. Try out the trend with a geometric vase.

Vase ($16)

Apartment Therapy

Accent A Kitchen

These slinky pipes are way too pretty to hide (and make for delightful hanging storage).

My Domaine

And Speaking of Pipes

Don’t you dare toss out leftover plumbing. Here’s a DIY to make this leather and copper side table (Mr. McWhiskers not included).

Blu Dot

Sit On It

How you win at dinner parties.

Chair ($299)

Apartment Therapy

Bedeck Your Desktop

Strong graphic knickknacks cozy up any workspace. 

Letters ($23)


Warm Up Your Boudoir

Imperfections and dents on these hammered copper panels (and the natural oxidizing edges) only add to the allure. And with that slate blue paint job? Stunning.

Apartment Therapy

Keep It Small

These elegant catchalls make banal things (like bobby pins and Q-tips) look good.

Glazed Bowl ($7)


Or Go All-Out

Punctuate your outdoor space with an entire wall. Perforation lets the light through. So dreamy.

Apartment Therapy

Or Go Faux

Even if you can’t afford actual copper, you can still fake it with copper spray paint.

Spray Paint ($11)

My Domaine

Bathe In It


Soaking Tub ($4,088)

Apartment Therapy

And Yet Another Perfect Use of Pipe

Peekaboo: Even the teeniest, tiniest hint of copper makes a houseplant sexy.

Residence Style

Light It Up

Oh hello, midcentury pendant lamp of our dreams.

Lamp ($150)

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