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A barely-there cabinet holds a lot.

Your city place is chic. Charming. Compact. OK, it?s tiny. ??

You?re always looking for brilliant ways to maximize space, and now a group of School of the Art Institute students has partnered with Chicago-based CB2 to come to your rescue.

Over the course of a semester, 12 graduate and undergrad students in SAIC?s Industry Projects class worked with CB2 staffers to develop a line of storage pieces targeted to the ?microliving? population--i.e., anyone who?s ever been known to refer to her Gold Coast studio as a ?convertible one bedroom.?

The collection just hit stores, and we?re surprised and delighted by what these creative collaborators came up with.

Ever wanted a mod bar cart but couldn?t sacrifice the square footage? Try this beautiful acrylic one ($600) that fits in a corner. Wish your coffee table weren?t hogging your entire living room? Buy this one ($500) that converts into extra seating for your cocktail party guests.

?From a super-narrow storage cabinet ($400) to a floor screen that holds your stuff ($250), the CB2 + SAIC collection is full of hits.

The design kids are all right. ??

CB2, 800 W. North Ave.; 312-787-8329 or

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