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The New Year is upon us, and you’ve resolved to eat better, work out more... and put those cash gifts you got over the holidays to good use.

Not sure what to do with your recent windfall? Why not spend it on the one thing you won’t regret: a good night’s sleep.

Enter Casper: the world’s smartest mattress company.

Casper mattresses offer just the right sink, just the right bounce and memory-foam technology that conforms to your unique sleep style. (No judgment, you blanket hog, you.)

But the coolest part is that you’re absolutely guaranteed to love your Casper, because the super-smart company lets you try your new mattress for 100 whole nights before committing to buy. (If you’re not thoroughly happy, they’ll send a representative to come pick it up and issue a full refund.)

Want to save a few bucks? Enter the code PUREWOW at checkout to earn a $50 credit toward any size mattress.

Here’s to being well rested in 2015--and beyond.

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