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We’ve grinned through gritted teeth about man caves, but let’s be real, what we really want is our own space to do whatever. Without our loved ones bothering us.

Now the design trend of “she sheds” is telling us to do just that. Backyard havens for busy women wanting a little peace and quiet, these can range from sweet little boxes to glassy a-frames.

Here's some inspiration for your great escape.

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First, define your shed’s purpose

A yoga studio, for example, would need more space than a simple writing area. Crafting and gardening are other popular themes.

Shed Glass Doors 597x430

Ask yourself, will there be sleeping involved?

If you’ll be taking the occasional nap, you’ll want to have a comfy couch or single bed.

Shed Yellow Door 479x629

Are you a lady who likes tradition?

 If so, indulge in wood siding, a peaked roof and some pretty sheers.

Shed Mattress 479x629

Or maybe you’re more minimalist?

Just a bed on the floor and a turntable works, too.

Shed Modern 597x430

Want to improve your home’s value?

If so, you’ll need to have city permits in place and, usually, the expense of a contractor. However, structures under 10-feet-by-12-feet without plumbing, heating and electrical don’t require permits to build--but they won’t be officially counted as part of your home’s square footage.

Deck 597x430

Our advice: Include a deck

In SoCal, you have to take advantage of the sunshine, so include an outdoor area to get some fresh air, like these Topanga Canyon residents did.

Shed HIll 597x4301

And don’t forget the view

Because even though you’ll be enjoying some alone time to look inward, there will be a lot of time for spacing out and enjoying the scenery, too.

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