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Secrets of a dog masseuse
We draw the line at getting him his own massage table.

It took you forever to find your own trusted masseuse (we love you, Rhonda!), but what about one for your furry friend? Skilled animal masseuses are even more rare, and luckily we've found a local one we love.

Benita Karroll of Paws Massage L.A. comes to your home to discuss your animal's ailments, if any. You review Fluffy’s medical history, and everyone gets acquainted. After some gentle petting, Karroll applies canine acupressure, myofascial release or even hot-stone massage--and soon your beloved pup drools with delight.

Karroll was a licensed massage therapist for people before she attended the Ojai School of Canine Massage. Her 30-minute sessions (from $55) increase circulation, ease anxiety and improve respiration (bulldogs, we’re looking at you). And if your dog is sporty, massage helps sore muscles recover quicker.

She gave us a move to try on our own that we’ll share for, say, when you and your best friend are settling in to enjoy the premiere of Mad Men. Gently rub the base of your pet’s ear, then hold your thumb on the outside and your folded forefinger on the underside. Massage from base to tip, covering all areas of the ear.

Your angel will be floating on cloud nine in no time.

Paws Massage L.A.; 310-766-2329 or

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