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You’re a smart gal. You consistently crush it at work, you’ve already been to the new Whitney and, of course, you read PureWow. You come to us to help make your hectic New York life that much better (rooftop bars and organizing tips included).

But now we’re pulling back the curtain just a little bit further.

We're excited to bring you a conversation with our very own editor in chief, Mary Kate McGrath, sponsored by Citibank.

From the app that organizes her smartphone photos to her foolproof advice for creating the perfect home office, Mary Kate is dishing on the products she couldn’t live without and letting you in on a few game-changing life hacks.

With topics ranging from multitasking to interior design to managing your social life, there’s something here for everyone.

So click on over, pop in your earbuds and let Mary Kate and PureWow make your life a whole lot easier--and more fun.

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