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Pot Brownies For Dogs
Wait, why is that squirrel suddenly so darn funny?

With dispensaries on just about every other block, the Los Angeles market seems saturated with medical marijuana. But what about Fido? Doesn’t he deserve to get in on the action?

Enter Treat-ibles, hemp-derived dog cookies ($22) designed for pooches with anxiety disorders (no more whining!), muscle and joint aches and even cancer. 

Treat-ibles contains cannabidiol, one of the two chemicals in pot that create its familiar relaxing effect. Since there’s no THC, the little guy doesn’t get high (umm, imagine a paranoid dog?)--he just gets relaxed.

The recommended dose is one cookie per every 20 pounds of pooch. We gave three treats to our hyper-vigilant (stop following me, Daisy!), 70-pound mastiff with hip dysplasia. In 15 minutes, her panting stopped; she lay quietly at our feet and happily drooled a little more than usual.

Want to get extra experimental? The company says these treats are safe for humans, too.

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