We’re calling it: An impeccable, all-white living room with one single orchid and four chevron throw pillows karate-chopped into perfection is…weird.

Homes are meant to be lived in. So go ahead and embrace a look that’s a little more chaotic, a bit more realistic and a hell of a lot more sustainable. Here, seven places where it's OK to be messy.


A junk drawer

We’re suspicious of anybody who doesn’t have one. (Where else do you keep old pipe cleaners and little bits of string?)


A home office

The more bulletin boards, stacks of colorful notebooks and tiny tins filled with novelty pencils, the better.


A bedside table

We like knowing that you’re reading seven books--and that one of them is Chicken Soup for the Grandma.


A radiator

Is there anything cozier than damp woolen gloves on a hissing metal radiator? #winteriscoming.


A kitchen chair

Where all unread newspapers shall remain for one week’s time. (After that, you gotta toss 'em. Sorry.)


A playroom

Where a kid can be a kid.


An attic

Where a ghost can be a ghost.

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