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Pillows for a Better Nights Sleep

Your pillows might seem comfortable, but traditional pillows--basically a bag with foam or down sewn into it--offer little support for your neck and back. Try one of these for a better night?s sleep.

Side sleeper? You want to support your neck. So try a fiberfill pillow ($40) with larger and smaller areas of neck support and a little indent where your head rests comfortably.

Neck pain? A memory foam pillow ($100) takes the pressure off your upper spine. Plus, the cooling gel surface helps regulate body heat.

Stomach sleeper? Roll over! Sleeping on your tummy forces your head into an unnatural position. If you can?t break the habit, then forgo a pillow altogether or choose a slightly under-stuffed down model ($90) that your head can sink down into, keeping your neck as straight as possible.

Back pain? Try a standard-size pillow between your legs (on your side) or under your knees to eliminate lower back strain. Choose one with two-inch gusseted side panels ($68) that won?t flatten out.

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