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Natural Swimming Pools Dont Need No Chemicals
If Mother Nature were a neat freak, she'd build natural pools.

Southern California’s water shortage looms, but we’re still a land of swimming pools. Now there’s a way to bring that iconic, prestigious symbol into the 21st century--by installing a non-chemical, self-cleaning natural pool.

California BioNova builds pools that use Mother Nature’s cleaning methods rather than chemicals to keep water fresh. Water is pumped through a filter (like in normal pools), but instead of being suffused with eye-stinging chlorine to kill bacteria, it percolates through an adjacent little pool, called a “regeneration zone,” which uses plants like mini cattails, lotuses, calla lilies and taro as natural cleansers, along with layers of sand and granite. 

The company just built its first pool in Ojai and is working on projects in several other places nearby. While these pools cost in the high five figures (considerably more than most ingrounds), you will save in the long term since they heat themselves. (The regeneration zone also acts as a shallow passive solar collector.)

Plus, with the company’s beautiful styling, it’s basically a swimming pool and water garden in one.

California BioNova, 510 El Roblar, Ojai; 805-640-1288 or

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