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Raise your hand if you’ve ever burned a quiche while you were busy checking your Instagram feed.

If you’re guilty as charged (we certainly are), say hello to the June Intelligent Oven.

The computer-based countertop oven, which looks like a more sophisticated version of your standard toaster, uses built-in cameras, sensors and Wi-Fi to make sure you never burn or overcook anything again.

Using smart technology, June detects the type of food, weight and internal temperature, and then recommends the time and cooking temp suitable for your meal.

June connects to your iPhone or iPad with a custom app, which can live-stream how-to cooking videos directly to your device. You can also peek on your dish’s progress from the living room while you’re paying the bills. The app even sends push notifications when your dinner is ready--whether you’re having a personal pizza or a roast turkey. (That’s right, this compact oven can fit a 12-pound bird.)

Because it’s still in preorder, we’ve yet to give June a test-drive, but tech geeks are already raving.

Just think of the possibilities: evenly browned toast, perfectly gooey cookies and medium-rare steaks that haven’t been burned past recognition.

Available for preorder ($1,495).

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