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You have thousands of photos of your black lab puppy saved on your iPhone.

But swiping through them on-screen while people peer over your shoulder isn’t the same as handing your grandma/boss/friend a sturdy photo book that they can flip through at their own pace.

Our favorite fix for digital photo overload? Artisan State’s $20 Little Black Book.

The online company’s signature product is a 20-page flipbook that displays your photos in an appealingly simple way.

There’s one photo per sturdy, flush-mounted page--think of the way a high-end wedding album feels versus floppy magazine paper--with professional-quality photo printing that’s clear and vibrant. Plus, the 5x7 size is easy to tote or store.

Sure, you’ll have to narrow those puppy snaps down to the 20 best--but hey, that’s what makes it a keepsake.

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