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Yo Eamon, eyes on the camera! If only that were enough to command the attention of your wiggling little one-year-old. Instead, there’s you, waving your arms and making high-pitched noises like an idiot until--57 photos later--you have the perfect (sorta) shot.

That’s where Look Birdy comes in. This brilliant app uses faux bird sounds and a series of flashes to keep your baby engaged and, you know, looking at the camera.

Download the free app from iTunes and choose the bird chirp most likely to wow your child (we’re partial to the “Kooka” and “PipPip”). Then tap the app’s camera icon and a series of strobe-like flashes will begin while tweets play simultaneously. The whole thing will capture your kid’s attention so you can snap away until you get the perfect pic.

Will all that flashing and chirping give Eamon a stroke and/or early onset ADD? Maaaayyybe. But you’ll definitely get a good Insta shot in the interim!

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