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Live Colorfully

Usher in the season with a fun project. Whether you're finally tackling that gallery wall or sprucing up your backyard patio, we've got the ideas and inspiration to help you along the way.

6 Super-Easy (and Super-Cheap) Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive

Just fake it till you make it

The Trick to Arranging Flowers

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5 Epic Improvements to Your Backyard

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'70s decor is back, baby

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How to Paint a Striped Wall

It's all about the tape, baby

10 of the Most Colorful Places On Earth

The world is full of beautiful things...

All the Trimmings

A festive clutch you can DIY

Error of Your Ways

The eight most common living-room mistakes

8 Easy Ideas to Make the Most of Your Summer

Labor Day is looming, People

The Easiest Fruity Water Infusions

Give your hydration a flavorful kick

The Easiest Way to Frame Your Art

Even Gray Malin is doing it

The Trick to Hanging a Gallery Wall

Hint: It's all about the butcher paper

Our Favorite 10 Home-Design Trends in 2015

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Espadrilles Are the Unofficial Shoe of Summer

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How to Foster Your Green Thumb

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7 Easy-Peasy DIY's

Quick, pretty projects for a lazy afternoon

9 Creative Ways to Dress Up Your Walls

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How to Make Your Home Look Like a Chic Hotel

Shop for decor on Hotelements

Flattering Eyewear Is All About The Color

Flattering Eyewear Is All About The Color

Color Whiz

20 ways to rock white jeans

Creative Ways To Clean And Organize Your Space

Clever ways to cheat the system.  Keep these in your back pocket.

Most-Wanted Nail Polish Colors for Spring

Everything's comin' up...indigo?

A Guide to Achieving Your Best Hair Color

What you need to tell your colorist

6 Ways to Get Your Home In Top Shape

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5 Easy Ways To Brighten Up Your Home

Shed some light on the matter

Your Coffee Table Could Use a Face-Lift

13 timeless books to put on display

The Best Sites for Buying Artwork

Gallery walls, so hot right now