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Real-estate news flash: Jackie Kennedy Onassis's East Hampton childhood home is on the market. (And by home, we mean massive 10-bedroom mansion built on seven acres.) If you have a cool $39 million lying around, it could be yours. Whether you're in the market (bless you), or just a dreamer like us, check out the jaw-dropping property.

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susan breitenbach

Oooh, we definitely wouldn't mind coming home to this view every day.

susan breitenbach

Imagine all the ten-person dinner parties.

susan breitenbach

Just what we've always wanted: Our very own labyrinth and sculpture garden.

susan breitenbach

We can only imagine the thread count on these sheets. And that bedside fireplace. Swoon.

susan breitenbach

Interior design goals, people. Does the lime couch come with the house?

susan breitenbach

The yellow walls. The chandelier. The grandiose staircase.

susan breitenbach

If you need us we'll be right here, sipping rosé after a dip in the pool.

susan breitenbach

You know what? We'll settle for the pool house. When can we move in?

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