The Easy Humidifier Trick to Clear a Stuffy Nose

A quick ode to our humidifier and its pretty stream of steam that works wonders by adding moisture to the majorly parched air. But sometimes, when we’re all stuffed up, we need a bit of extra help de-clogging our nose (and dear God, our brain). This trick is pretty genius.

What you need: Cotton balls and essential oil like peppermint or eucalyptus.

What you do: Use an eye dropper (it should come with the bottle of oil) to add a few drops to the cotton ball. Place the cotton ball right next to the steam vent on your humidifier while it runs. (You can also add five or so drops of the essential oil to the water itself, but, FYI, that can cause the plastic components to break down over time.)

Lastly: Breathe in, breathe out. The proximity of the cotton ball to the steam helps diffuse the oil, which in turn helps clear your sinuses. And sorta kinda turns your flu-infested bedroom into a mini spa.

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