The One Mistake You're Probably Making When You Load the Dishwasher

There's a crucial step before you press start

You’ve spent hours preparing a delicious meal, and now your dishwasher can do the dirty--er, clean--work. But the machine can’t quite do its job if you’re not loading it right. Here’s the number one mistake you might be making.

What you’re doing wrong: Placing your spoons and forks with the handles facing up, and wedged way up against each other.

Why that approach sucks: In most dishwashers, the water shoots up from the middle. When your spoons are spooning face-down, the water and soap can’t really reach all that crusty lasagna and filmy yogurt.

How to do it right: Place utensils with handles facing down. This way, you fully expose the most germ-riddled regions.

The one exception: Knives. Place those guys sharp-side down, so you don’t end up stabbing yourself when you go to unload.