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The Easy, Laziest Way to Remove Rust Stains from Your Knives
jmsilva/Getty Images

Your knife set is one of your most prized possessions, so you go to great lengths to take care of those babies. Except for the one time you slipped and put them through the dishwasher (hey, you’re human). Now, some pesky rust stains have shown up and you can’t for the life of you clean them.

Good news: You can get rid of them with almost zero effort. Here’s how: 

What you need: A big bottle of white vinegar (which will come in handy for a plethora of other household needs), a glass tall enough to submerge a knife in and a total of five minutes. 

What you do: Carefully place the rust-spotted knife in the glass and pour in enough vinegar to cover the entire blade. Wait five minutes, take it out, scrub it thoroughly and boom: Those hard-to-remove rust stains weren’t so bad after all.

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